When my little boy was one-year-old and just learned to walk I took him to Schlitterbahn by myself.  I thought, I work here, I know what I am doing.

Sadly, that was not the case. Confident and carrying everything from our house, I got out of my car and learned everything NOT to do when you bring little kids to Schlitterbahn, especially alone.

Schatze Central Park

Schatze’s Central Park is great for toddlers. And they get to meet Schatze!

Now I share what I learned on that fateful day, so you can have your own successful solo trip to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

1. Park at the Wavefest Entrance. This is the one on Austin St. next to the resort. It is the last parking area to fill and often has the shortest lines for admission. Plus there is a locker area right inside.

2. Get a Locker. Even if it is just for your phone and keys. Do it right away.

3. Only pack what you can carry when you’ve got a (wet) child in the other hand (or hip). OR bring a wagon. (Remember that Schlitterbahn does not have locked storage for big items. But if you have more than one child, strollers/wagons are probably a good idea.)

4. Bring Food. Schlitterbahn allows you to bring in food. So bring juice and snacks for cranky, hungry tummies.

5. Pack swim diapers. (But don’t panic. Schlitterbahn retail shops sell swim diapers if you forget them.)

6. Life Jackets. We have them for free, use them. You know. Safety First.

7. Set up in a picnic table area near the Arcade and Polywog Pond. This has easy access to Schatze’s Central Park, Polywog Pond, The Tadpool, Food Vendors, restrooms, and shade. Pictures below.

Go out there and have a great trip. Do you have any tips for enjoying Schlitterbahn with your little guests?