It’s hard to be stuck at home when you want to go to Schlitterbahn. We miss you!
Enjoy this 1998 Throwback Commercial:

Since you can’t come to the park just yet, we are bringing  a few of our most popular water attractions to you at home. Put on some sunscreen and virtually ride with us.

Several years ago, we played an April Fools’ Day prank on social media – the virtual water ride. Little did we know back then that this concept would one day become popular material for an interactive blog post. Well, here we are.

MASTER BLASTER: Six stories tall and over 1,000 feet in length! Selected as the best water ride in the nation again and again, Master Blaster combines the up and down thrills of a roller coaster with the unique experience of being propelled through the ride by jets of water. Master Blaster is non-stop action and a classic Schlitterbahn thrill.

DOWNHILL RACERS: Four dueling, side-by-side speed slides plunge from the top of the iconic Castle Entrance building down a three-story drop over giant moguls to the finish line. Riders use a foam sled with handles and plunge head-first down a nearly 3-story tall undulating drop and then skim across the surface of the landing zone.

DRAGON’S REVENGE: Invented at Schlitterbahn, it’s the first ever uphill water coaster. This thrilling ride shoots you uphill, downhill, and everything in between just like a regular roller coaster , but with water! Dragon’s Revenge is a feast for the eyes and the ears with splashes and surprises thrills guests of all ages.

Let’s make our way over to the Texas Gulf Coast to Texas’ beach – Galveston Island.

Schlitterbahn Galveston attractions are designed for high thrills. With the largest collection of heart-pounding, fast, tall, and exhilarating attractions in the Schlitterbahn family – get ready to have some fun. If you prefer rivers, wave pools, and lounging in the Galveston sun, Schlitterbahn is the ideal destination for some rest and relaxtion. Cool off and BLAST OFF this summer at our waterpark near Houston.

MASSIV Monster Blaster: Do you dare to challenge the World’s Tallest Water Coaster? Feel the anticipation as you climb 123 steps to the top of the 81 foot, 6 3/4 inch high record-breaking water coaster. Twist, turn, drop, and splash for 926 feet and zip through a mind-bending light show created by the slide itself, finally splashing down to a totally unique triple-drop ending in the landing pool. Breathtaking!

INFINITY RACERS: Take on the new multi-million dollar set of slides that are more than the first of its kind – they are out of this world! Infinity Racers is a pair of space-themed, racing head-first mat slides. At a whopping eight stories tall and as long as two space stations, Infinity Racers delivers a fun, only one in the world, water slide experience. Both of the racing slides are nearly fully enclosed with multi-colored fiberglass that creates unique lighting effects inside each slide.

We hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of some of our favorite Schlitterbahn attractions. Now, watch the videos again – on your largest screen while someone splashes you with water for the full, at-home, Schlitterbahn effect.