One of the perks of working at corporate is that you have an excuse to visit all of the parks! Yesterday, Winter, Ebony, and I travelled to South Padre Island to do a walk through of our hotel and waterpark and to meet with the Padre marketing team. I know a lot of people may not enjoy traveling for work because of all that it entails, but personally it helps to keep me motivated. It’s also a nice change from sitting at my office desk and staring at my computer.


As I had mentioned in my last post, this is one of the busiest times of year for us! We’re in the process of updating and creating new material for all of our waterparks. With the waterparks being virtually empty in January (except for other employees), it’s the perfect time to do a walk through and make notes on what needs updating or what we need to get pictures of when the park is in operation. We look for ways to improve signs and the overall look of a park. Coming back after a season is completed and after we’ve had some time to breathe helps us come up fresh new ideas. It can be hard to envision what South Padre’s Shrimp Haus looks like when sitting in your office and only have a select number of pictures and your memory to pull from.

SPI walk thru

As fun as it is to roam the waterpark while it’s a ghost town, it always seems a little sad. Almost like an abandoned and forgotten waterpark. It’s amazing how much life the water gives to all the rides and attractions.


Another great thing about visiting Padre is the Shrimp Haus. Lucky for us, they were testing a new batter for fried shrimp and fish so we got to do some taste testing! I mean, who doesn’t like a yummy platter of fried goodness? Well, technically I’m gluten free, but it smelled amazing! And the rest of the team tore through it!


After our morning meetings it was time to go exploring.  Even though it was fairly cold we still made the journey down to the beach. It was 63 degrees on the island, which for some reason, seems colder than 63 degrees in New Braunfels. However, a trip to the beach is still a trip the beach! Got to love that view.


All in all not a bad day. Here are some of the shots we took of the resort to remind us of professional shots we want to get in our next photo shoot. What do you think? Anything you want to see captured on film?

first aid

rooftop view

shrimp haus