What’s a waterpark without a body slide?!

andrew giphy "seriously"

Schlitterbahn South Padre Island has many rides and slides, but if you’re looking for a body slide, you’re going to want to slide on over to Wizard’s Waterways–see what I did there?! (;

green wiz

Here is everything you need to know about Schlitterbahn South Padre Island’s most colorful slides!

1. They’re hard to miss… Wizard’s Waterways are three bright neon-colored slides! WIz Waterway

2. Nothing shines brighter on a summer day than Wizard’s Waterways!


What’s shining bright like a diamond?… It’s the Wiz Waterways!

3. Wizard’s Waterways are located near Schlitetrbahn South Padre Island’s Iconic Sand Castle and start on top of a large sand castle…. Like, seriously, you can’t miss them!

Wiz waterway

4. You can race your friends down the Wizard’s Waterways body slides… A little competition never hurt anyone–Just as long as YOU win!

wink giphy

5. Seriously though, Wizard’s Waterways are the best! You’re going to want to slide down them this summer! Whether you slide down them solo or with a friend, you’re in for a good time! #bahnlove

family high five-ing

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