One of the most unique (and sometimes confusing) aspects of a trip to any waterpark is that, unlike a roller coaster or Ferris Wheel, water rides never stop where they start. For example, in Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, you have a 45 minute tube chute that goes from one end of the park to another, making it difficult to find the end.

I am here today to take the mystery out of navigating some of the more challenging starts and stops at Schlitterbahn. With these helpful hints, you will be walking around like a veteran.


Whitewater Tube Chute

1. Whitewater Tube Chute:

Where will you see it? At the front entrance to the Original Schlitterbahn (Main Park).

How do you get there? Take a left toward the castle after you enter the park, then walk down the stairs to your right. Soon you will find yourself at the river level under the blue Double Loop Slides. Take a right along the river walkway and there is the entrance to the Whitewater queue (line). It curves up the hill to the entrance of the ride. Don’t forget to grab a tube before you get in line!

Where does it end? Whitewater ends on the river level just down the walkway from where you entered the queue. If you look up, you can see the Der Bahn Speed Slides.

Castle and Hillside

Castle and Hillside Tube Chute


2. Hillside Tube Chute:

Where will you see it? When you look at Schlitterbahn’s signature castle, it is winding down the hill.

How do you get there? Follow the stairs to your right down past the Hillside and once you reach the Lagoon, the entrance to the queue will be on your left. Don’t forget to grab a tube!

Where does it end? Hillside ends in the Lagoon Pool. The run-out is on the opposite end of the Lagoon from the Soda Straws and the Water Volleyball.

SNB Der Bahn Speed Slides

Der Bahn Speed Slides


3. Der Bahn:

Where will you see it? In the Original section of Schlitterbahn, the Der Bahn can be seen around Schatze’s Central Park, the Tadpool and the Arcade. You will also see the Der Bahn slides while walking along the Comal River level near the Bahn Resort.

How do you get there? You can enter the Der Bahn queue from the river level. If you are near the Arcade, you can go over the bridge right next to the entrance, around and down to the right to find the entrance. No tube needed.

Where does it end? Much like the Whitewater, Der Bahn ends on the river level just a few feet from where the queue begins, right next to the Resort at the Bahn.

Fun fact: The Hillside Tube Chute opened originally in 1980, and was revamped to include the winding river under the castle in 2000. Now it is one of Schlitterbahn’s most photographed rides.