When someone says Schlitterbahn you automatically think waterpark, right? And why wouldn’t you, Schlitterbahn is an institution in and of itself. We break records, innovate new technology and at the same time stay true to our roots by offering a tubing experience like none other. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels first opened it’s doors in 1979 with the iconic castle modeled after the Bergfried Tower of the Solms Castle in Braunfels, Germany and four slides. Today, there are four waterparks, two that operate year round and two year round resorts.

What a lot of people don’t know is that before the waterpark came the Resort. Before we became the World’s Best Waterpark, we were a humble resort located next to the Comal River.  The four original slides coming off the castle were just an added bonus to staying at the resort. Who knew 35 years later that it would become what it is today? You know and love our waterpark, now know and love our resort too!

Landa Resort 1968

Archive Photo

(Landa Resort, 1968, now known as the Resort at Schlitterbahn)

For those that need a little extra convincing, here’s a top 10 list:

10.  We have 64 different room types. There is, literally, something for everyone!

River Bend Cabins

River Bend

River Bend Cabin- By Blastenhoff

Wasser Haus Vacation Home

Wasser Haus Vacation Home

Wasser Haus and Lodge- Vacation Home

Schlitterstein Lofts living room

Stein Lofts

Stein Lofts

Tree Hauses with view of Falls

Tree Haus Suites

Tree House

9. When you’re on vacation or traveling for work you’re often beholden to the town/city’s local fare. Most of our rooms have a kitchen in them so you can cook away! #NoMoreFastFood

dancing pug


8. Movie Night!!!!! Every Saturday we show a movie on the big screen. Always family appropriate for the little tykes! (Let’s be honest, they want time away from you just as much as you want time away from them.)



7. Not to sound like a cheesy realtor, but seriously, we’re centrally located to everything that New Braunfels has to offer. (Sales pitch done.)


For real, bro.

6. With that being said, we’ve got some of the best packages in town if you’re headed downtown or spending the day checking out one of our local attractions.


Yes to All!

5. So, it’s the Holidays and all of your relatives are coming into town! Sure, you’ve got room to host your Aunt Betty and your brother with four kids, but do you really want to do that? Why not have them stay in one of our vacation homes? They’ll feel like they never left home and you get to keep your much needed space! (The Holidays can be rough as it is.)

resort room

Welcome Home Henderson Family!

4. Who wants a hotel next to the highway when you can be surrounded by nature? Ducks, deer and turtles, oh my!

britney spears shocked


3. Camping is fun. Why? Because S’mores are typically involved. Skip the tent set up and stay in one of our cabins and enjoy some S’mores before night time.

doing s'mores around campfire

Mmmmm, chocolate and marshmallows…

2.  Heated pool anyone? You’ve spent the WHOLE day with your family, it’s time to chill.

hot tub



1. Because you’ve always wanted to stay in a Tree House! Making Childhood dreams come true since 1979!



Whatcha ya’ waiting for! Book it: http://bit.ly/1lvnmIS

Stay tuned… There’s more where that came from.