Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has revamped the Blast Pass system, making it quick and easy to jump on your favorite rides! There is no need to find the Blast Pass kiosks anymore. You can save a place in line directly from the Blast Pass wristband. Once you reserve your ride, you can play in the park and skip the wait!

Blast Pass Basics

It is important to know that Blast Pass prices vary by day depending on the demand. Prices start at $35, but can vary on busier days at the waterpark. Keep in mind that a $20 refundable deposit is required as well. When you get to Schlitterbahn, there are a few different places you can purchase your Blast Pass:

  • Surfenburg lockers
  • Blastenhoff lockers
  • Main lockers (under Downhill Racer in the Original Park)
  • The Oaks Gift Shop (in Tubenbach)
  • Surf’s Up Gift Shop (in Surfenburg)
  • Gift Haus Gift Shop (in the Original Park)

After your day of fun at Schlitterbahn, simply return your Blast Pass to one of the purchasing locations. You will also receive your $20 refundable deposit back at this time.


How to Reserve a Ride

The new Blast Pass system is a state-of-the-art experience we’re bringing to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. The best part: no more kiosks! Everything is done from your Blast Pass wristband. Here are the steps to follow when you are ready to start using your Blast Pass:

1. Reserve the Spot Reserving ride on Blast Pass wristband

From your Blast Pass wristband, you can scroll through the different rides to see how long the wait currently is. When you find a ride you want to reserve, simply tap the button to start your journey in the virtual line.

2. Play in the Park

During your time skipping the wait in the virtual line, enjoy the rest of the park! Cruise down the Kristal River, grab a funnel cake, or shop for a new pair of sunglasses. Your Blast Pass reserves your spot in line while you enjoy the park.

3. Time to Ride

Blast pass line sign This is the best part! The countdown is over, so head to the blast pass entrance of your ride. The special Blast Pass line will merge with the regular line at the front, so you can hop on your favorite ride as if you had been waiting there the whole time.

4. Do it again, and again, and again!

Now you can make another reservation. Find the next ride on your Blast Pass wristband, reserve your ride time, and then enjoy the rest of your time in the park. Explore the 70 acres of Schlitterbahn, take another lap around the Kristal River, float around in the Torrent…there are so many choices!

See you this summer!

Schlitterbahn Waterparks is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer. Join us for all of the exciting celebratory events and new park innovations. Remember, be safe and have fun!