TRANSPORTAINMENT is the single coolest thing to ever happen to Schlitterbahn and the waterpark industry. Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark was home to the first incarnation of Transportainment. If you think that is a made up word–it is!

Of course, so is Schlitterbahn, but that’s another blog post.

Transportainment combines Transportation-Sports-Entertainment into one word. And really, it is the best way to describe the interconnected river system featured at Schlitterbahn on South Padre Island. The hard part for our team is figuring out how to take a picture of “a mile-long interconnected river system that can be enjoyed by the whole family which seamlessly takes you from ride to ride while lounging in your tube so you never actually have to get out of the water to ride 85% of the rides in the park.” How does one communicate that entire thought in one phrase or three words? It would look pretty silly on a billboard.

Bad Billboard SBR Blog

Quality Advertising There


The Main Beach and Aquaveyer
You can sorta see the scope of

So we opted for Transportainment.


TRANSPORTAINMENT is the single coolest thing to ever happen to Schlitterbahn or the waterpark industry (yes I said it again) and here’s why.



1. There is a mile of tube rides that you can get on instantly anytime you visit the park.





Double Tubes
(not pictured, Double Tubes with front child seat)



2. Single and double tubes are available so you can feel comfortable riding with your toddler.




3. You DO NOT have to get out of your tube ever (though we hope you will at some point.) This means you walk into the park, grab a tube and get into the first beach you see. You ride the Aquaveyer to the Storm Chaser around again to the Gale Force and again to Pirates Plunge again to Sea Blaster  AND NEVER STAND IN LINE.  Oh, and the one Blaster you do have to climb stairs for, The Tempest, empties INTO the Transportainment river.

So if you started at the Tempest you could ride ALL of the major rides by only getting into your tube ONCE! Do I sound excited? I’m excited!  SIX  rides and you never have to get out of the water!

4.  The only downside to Transportainment (there is always a catch) is that to maximize your river/tube time at Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark you may need to pack sunblock in a waterproof case around your neck. But reapplying sunscreen while in your tube would require some pretty advanced yoga moves.

However you choose to enjoy Transportainment is entirely up to you but remember our motto:

Stay Calm and Tube On! Transportainment-style!