The Torrent River is a high thrill, tidal wave river located around the Blastenhoff tower that has no wait line. Ever.
Excited yet? Perfect! Here are some tips and tricks to having the ultimate Torrent River experience.


Kids playing in Torrent


1.      To Tube or not to Tube, that is the question. The Torrent River is one of those special few rides at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels that doesn’t necessarily require a tube, but you can use one if you’d like.  In my professional opinion, by professional I mean I really like this ride, if you are a strong swimmer and like to be literally swept off your feet, riding without a tube is a fun, unbeatable experience. However, if that doesn’t sound like you, but you still enjoy high thrill rides, then grab a tube on your way in. You’ll be able to float along with the waves, while watching all the swimmers being thrown around in the water, which is also a fun experience. Neither way is right or wrong and they both create a different riding experience. Which is cool, the Torrent River is like two rides in one!

2.      Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen. I don’t think I can repeat that enough. Before entering the Torrent River whether you are planning to go around a few times or staying in for an hour, sunscreen should be applied generously over you. You are more susceptible to burning while in the clear water because it reflects the sun right on to you. The Torrent also has no shady areas besides a slight cover from the Blastenhoff tower. If this is the first ride you take during the day you don’t want to be stinging and burning the rest of the day. This writer is talking from experience, an experience she wishes upon no one.  (We’ve got more sunscreen tips here)


3.      Secure Waterproof Cases. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your valuable in a locker and you are using a water proof case, make sure to secure it to a bathing suit, wrist, or swim shorts. When we say the Torrent River is a high thrill ride, we aren’t kidding. Keeping track of your group is hard enough, let alone keeping your stuff together. If for some reason you do happen to lose one of your possessions in the river, don’t fret, right across from the entrance of the Torrent is a guest service location where all missing items are turned in.

4.      Ride Anytime. A common question for our rides, “when is the best time to ride?” In case you forgot, The Torrent River does not have a queue line! All you have to do is enter from the Blastenhoff Beach and BOOM you’re riding the Torrent. This makes it one of the best rides in the Blastenhoff area to ride in between rides. Especially if you are using the Blast Pass during your visit.

Blast Pass

5.      Mark a Meeting Place. Whether you chose to ride in a tube or ride the waves solo, keeping track of your group when the tidal waves start is an adventure. Before entering the torrent, create a plan that states how many times you guys want to go around and where to meet up in case you’re separated by the rapid waves. I suggest the Dippin’ Dots stand in front of the beach because it’s the only one in the area, and then when you all meet there maybe you can convince someone to buy you some.

6.      What to Do After. In the Blastenhoff area you can ride the Blast tower which hosts the Master Blaster, Wolfpack, and Black Knight. If riding around on those waves made you hungry, there are multiple locations within a few feet of the Torrent to grab a bite to eat and pavilions to eat under. For the kids, Hans Hideout is right on the beach as well. If you’re finished with the Blast section and wish to move on to new things, just a walk along the sidewalk connects you to another high thrill river ride, The Falls.

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