The difference from winter time to summer time in New Braunfels is dramatic! You’ll hear us locals constantly complaining about how crowded our town gets in July. Wait times at restaurants goes up, there is never any parking in Gruene, your favorite lunch spot is now jammed packed and the traffic..Ahhhhh! This holds true for us as well. Schlitterbahn is busiest in July and August, which is everyone’s favorite time to vacation.

But consider this. Move your family vacation to early June or even a weekend in May. Here’s why.

The park is far less crowded, which means shorter lines! You can literally ride the falls in a continual loop all day or get your workout on by running up the stairs to the Master Blaster over and over.




Resort rates are at their cheapest early in the season. Throughout April and early June rates start at $59 per a person, which includes our stay n play package. Plus, the resort has tons of awesome perks like early ride times and extended hours. And of course, you literally get to stay where you play!




Ever wanted to learn to master the Boogie Bahn? Come visit on our Surf and Save days and hit up the Boogie Bahn all day. Only drawback here is Schlitterbahn West is not open (the West section has the tube chutes filled with water from the Comal River). This also happens to be the time when the majority of our surf pros hang out at the park. They know the park is slower and less crowded and that they’ll have ample time to ride till their hearts are content. If you ask them for tips they are more than willing to share their knowledge of surfing!

Boogie Bahn

Boogie Bahn


Shorter lines, less crowded! So there you have it! Here’s a link to our schedule.

We hope to see you all soon!