Previously on “Top Misconceptions of a Schlitterbahn Waterpark Employee in the Fall“…

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We discussed and laughed about all of the misconceptions of a Schlitterbahn employee in the Off-Season, and left you all with a cliffhanger. Not like our New Braunfels  ride The Cliffhanger, but with a literary cliffhanger–See what I did there!

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Well, everything that goes up, must come down. So sit back, relax and let me tell you what really goes down at Schlitterbahn in the fall/winter! Our lifeguards may be gone, but we still have plenty of work to do and jokes to tell!

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1. As soon as the park closes, we get straight back to work and start discussing what worked and what didn’t work during the season… Like the mature adults we all are!

2. Employees from every Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Department meet up in New Braunfels and start brainstorming what the next year will look like. We also attend the champion of all conferences: IAPPA!– International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions: IAPPA is the largest international trade association for amusement parks worldwide! This is where all the big boys meet. The Oscars of Amusement, and where we all get inspired with new ideas for the new season!

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3. We pull, clean all inventory and store and order park items such as:
All lifeguard equipment used in the park (rescue tubes, rescue dolls, etc..)
All first aid supplies , Ropes and Buoys, Park signs, Park lawn chairs, Cabana Furniture and many more!

Why are lifeguard uniforms blue and not red?… This is when our team makes those important decisions!

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4. We do a park maintenance walk through and make note of what needs to be fixed, painted and spruced up for next year! (This list will be worked on by multiple departments from our Graphics team to Operations throughout the remainder of the off season to prepare for next year!)

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5. Our retail team starts the buying process and select which styles and apparel options we want to sell in the park next season. Camo print Schlitterbahn shirt, anyone?

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6. Our Graphics team start designing all of the billboards, brochures, maps, ticket stock and gift cards and magazine ads! Seriously, what would a Schlitterbahn be without a map?!!

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7. Our Social Media team meet up and brainstorm ways to keep everything fun and fresh… When in doubt,  use the filter ‘Valencia!’ Hashtag #bahnlove

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8. We plan off-season events like Galveston’s Holiday Splash! Have you tried booking Santa?… It’s some serious work!

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(Galveston’s Holiday Splash is November 28-January 4)

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9. Our foods team prepares and samples new ideas for menu items and dessert flavors! This is the time where magical things happen… Like the Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake! Mmmm, Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake!10. We work super hard to make sure Schlitterbahn Waterparks remain the best thing in the world!  BAM!

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We take the good, we take the bad and there you have the facts of life at Schlitterbahn in the Off-Season! You see, I told you that we are super busy!

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While we are hard at work, don’t forget that our Galveston waterpark is open on the weekends, and our New Braunfels Resort is the best place to stay this fall/winter. Just sayin’…

With all of my #bahnlove–A Schlitterbahn Waterpark Employee