When you work for the World’s Best Waterpark, it’s pretty hard to pick which ride might be your favorite. This might be especially  hard for our Operations department – the key group that help make Schlitterbahn run smoothly every day!

I recently got to chat with our Ops Director in Galveston, Doug White, who spends his days off at the park with his family. For the White family, Schlitterbahn offers quality sun and fun time when they visit the park at least once a week! Here Doug explains his top five rides:

Boogie BahnBoogie Bahn: This is the only water attraction we have that you can actually get better at. You can only ride a slide one way, but on the Boogie Bahn you can spend more time learning new tricks. I used to compete and won the world championship back in 2003, but nowadays I like to surf back and forth on the waves and do a couple of spins. Now that my kids are old enough to ride the Boogie Bahn, I like practice with them. It’s neat to see them have that passion that I used to have back in the day. (We only hire the coolest people to be a part of our Ops team, obviously!)



Torrent River/River systems: I love that you don’t have to get out of your river tube, ever. You can float from one river to the next. There’s three separate rivers and my favorite of those is the Rapids River. It’s almost a mile long and you get to see the whole park as you’re riding. I also like to look at my guards when I’m riding to make sure they’re doing their job right and see how they’re reacting to the guests. Best of both worlds!





Cliffhanger: First off, this ride is big and it dips straight down – it gives you a crazy rush when you ride it! It’s also iconic in Galveston because when you come to the park, you’ll see the huge spiral tower with giant slides coming off of it. It’s one of the things you have to do when you visit Schlitterbahn!






SNB Master Blaster first Drop

Dragon Blaster/Master Blaster: I like this ride because my kid (when he was 2) was terrified to ride it and now he loves it. Every time we come to the park on my day off, we have to go to that one first. He likes the thrill of the ups and downs of the slide.






SGIW_OverviewWolfpack: I like the Wolfpack because it is a slide I can ride with both of my kids, especially when mom comes with us, we can all ride it as a family.





Make sure to be check out all the attractions at that are available at our Galveston park, we’re pretty sure that we wouldn’t be able to pick just one! Thanks for talking to us Doug!