After a three and half hour car trip with multiple pit stops, screaming kids and spilled soda you’ve finally made to it Schlitterbahn! You’re unloading all of your bags, ice chests, kiddos and checking into the resort eager to get everyone in a swimsuit and covered in sunscreen so you can salvage what’s left of the day. And hey, this trip isn’t just about the kids, you deserve this too! As you start to unpack all of the essentials, it dawns on you…..where’s YOUR swimsuit? Oh wait, you forgot sunscreen…How could you forget sunscreen? No sunglasses?…I mean sure you have your everyday ones, but those were expensive and you don’t want to risk losing them!! Ugh, the struggle is real!

Fear not!!!!! All is not lost and your trip isn’t ruined! Most people think of retail shops as just having cute little stuffed animals with said location’s logo on it, but here at Schlitterbahn we know it’s hard to remember everything and we definitely have some items that you didn’t even know that you want/need!

Here are the top 10 retail items you didn’t know we had:

1. Swimsuits…Both male and female for all ages. 


BTW we also carry Salt Life, Billabong, Reef...

2. Towels! You want a blue towel, green towel…do you want Schatze on your towel? Oh yeah, we’ve got towels. 

women relaxing

3. Sandals, water shoes..We got it! Little known fact: concrete gets hot in the summer! 

sun GIF

4. Water Resistant Phone cases…Because if you didn’t photograph it, it didn’t happen.

selfie GIF

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BahnLove! We’re always down for a regram…

5. Sunglasses. You spent good money on your sunglasses and you probably don’t want to risk losing them on a ride. We’ve got some cheap ones for ya’.

sunglasses GIF

6. Cash Totes. This is one of those you didn’t realize you needed ’till you got it here items. You don’t want to keep running back to your locker to get cash or your card when you want something to eat. This way you’ve got it with you at all times. 

money GIF


7. Sunscreen. Okay, I get it. This one is super obvious. We’re a waterpark why wouldn’t we have sunscreen??? 

Sun Screen

Seriously though, we have all kinds of sunscreen…

8. Swim Diapers. If you got a little one you’re definitely going to need these! 


9. Rashguards. So, your little one isn’t a fan of the 72 degree Comal river water…Put ’em a rashguard it will keep them warm. 


10. Croakies. You know those things you attach to your sunglasses (or regular glasses) so you don’t lose them? 



And of course, we have all the other things you would expect from a retail store…t-shirts, hats, stuffed animals etc… 


For more information about our waterparks and to purchase tickets click here.

#BahnLove y’all