Having a great time at Schlitterbahn is easy, but even the most die hard Schlitterfans keep some secret tips in their back pocket to make the most of their visit. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here, what would you add?

Tip Number One: Parking

We’ve done an extensive post on parking (which you can read BestParkingOptionshere) but suffice it to say on busy days you should either:

a. come early (as in an hour before the park opens), or

b. for New Braunfels, park in the fairgrounds and take the free tram.

Both will minimize your time walking and maximize your time in the water having fun!


Tip Number Two: What to Wear

This is a long list (and we aren’t even talking about swim wear) so let’s break it down a little.

flip flop handsSHOES: Bring ’em.

Schlitterbahn Waterparks are BIG, and it’s not realistic in the summer that every walkway will be cool enough for barefeet. Water shoes are a good choice, as are adventure type of sandals. Flip-flops are okay, but realistically, they are going to get lost on the rides. Then again, many guests have perfected the art of wearing flip flops on their hands while on rides.

HATS: Cover that lid.hat

One of the best ways to prevent sunburn is to cover your head with a hat that has a brim. However, don’t make it the super special hat your Grandmother gave you with your name in rhinestones. Hats get lost, and sometimes ruined, in the water rides.

GLASSES: Tie ’em on

Nothing like that nice big wave of water hitting you on those 100 degree days. It’s a great feeling, until you feel your glasses fly off your head. Secure them with one of the dozens of different  kinds of security straps to make sure you keep the world either in focus or shaded.

SUN PROTECTION: Apply, Ride, Repeat

We think of sunscreen like sprinkles on ice cream. It should be applied liberally and often. Most folks start out the day slathered, and end up the day sunburned because they thought they had it covered.  When you stop to eat or take a break, toss on another layer. You’ll thank yourself later. So will your epidermis.

SWIMWEAR: Swim suits required

We cover what to wear in this post. Basically we are good with swimsuits, two piece, one piece, board shorts, tankinis. No cut offs, speedos, form revealing men’s briefs, or thongs. It’s way more important that YOU’RE comfortable. Here are some of our favorite stories from wonderful writers on why moms should just dive in: Round Mom Practical Guide  Moms, Put on That Swimsuit


Tip Number Three: Line Optimization

On busy days you need a plan to maximize your time in the water and out of lines. Here’s some tips for our waterparks overall.


ARRIVE EARLY: Open up the waterpark with us. If you arrive 30 – 45 minutes early, you are going to hit the fewest lines.

PICK A SLOW DAY: Better than early is coming out on a slow day. Visit the park on a Wednesday (typically our slowest day during the summer), a day where it’s rained just a little (it’s amazing how a brief rain shower will keep people home), or ON A HOLIDAY.  That’s right, the actual day of a holiday, like the 4th of July or the actual DAY of Labor day, is slower than the days around it.

MAKE A PLAN: If you have one ride you absolutely must do, ride it first. Nothing’s worse that going home without that primo ride in your memory book.

DON’T FREAK: Some ride lines look long and actually move quickly. In most cases with rides where the wait is going to be an hour, we have signs in place warning you how much time you should expect to spend in line.

Dragon's Revenge Drop

CONSIDER OPTION B: Remember there are dozens of great rides, and plenty more that will deliver a fun time for you and your crew. Some rides are mild, some are wild, some are designed for little ones, others are definitely for thrill seekers only. There’s not just one ride you must ride at Schlitterbahn. We’ve got a post with some of the favorites from our New Braunfels staff here and here. (Surprise – the Master Blaster isn’t on the list)


We will be posting more tips soon – but how about you? What are some of your best tips for having fun in the Waterpark?


Fun Fact: Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has 6,000 tubes – Classic Black, Clear, Blue Kiddie and Yellow Kiddie.