Located between Surf Grill and Tiki Tikes Kids Area on the tallest tower in the Surfenburg area is the Wolfpack – a family-friendly water adventure full of twists and turns that will have your family howling with laughter! When you visit our Galveston park there’s no doubt you’ll want to experience this iconic Schlitterbahn ride.



Here are some tips you’ll need to know:

Est. 2006: The ride has been a fan favorite since our Schlitterbahn Galveston located opened in 2006 – becoming the go-to for thrill seekers.

What is by this ride: On the same tower you’ll find the entrance to the Thunder Tub, another thrill raft ride, and the Dragon Blaster – a racing ride you’ll raft under that has the same technology as the Master Blaster in New Braunfels!

Families who ride this together, will scream together: This family attraction is great for groups between 2 to 4 riders – expect lots of twists and turns down the chute! family on wolfpack

Over 5 stories high: The tower to this ride is 55 feet in the air- But don’t let it scare you!


Seating positions in the raft are crucial: The key to maximizing the thrill in this ride is knowing how you and your group want to be seated in the raft. I rode this ride with my fellow #BahnStaff members Angela and Casey thinking it was going to be a smooth ride, but somehow we ended up sitting in THE perfect spots that had us screaming like school girls the entire time!
Side note: Please make sure you’re in a good position to where you won’t butt heads with someone – that can always be a mood killer.


Don’t miss out on this Galveston Gem this summer! Ride the Wolfpack with your…(wait for it)… Wolfpack! See you wolves this summer! #bahnlove

wolfpack and view of waterpark



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