The Torrent River is a Schlitterbahn staple! You can find one at all of our waterparks and it’s the best place to relax and just enjoy life. It’s not your average lazy river though. The Torrent river shoots out tidal waves simulating the feeling of being in the ocean. Fear not, it is still family friendly and in my opinion one of the best rides to kick it with your friends and gossip about the day.

Here are some other fun tidbits about the Torrent River:

1. A tank releases 22,000 gallons of water every 16 seconds creating a tidal wave.

torrent river

2. It is the longest tidal wave in the World! Go big or go home…(The Unofficial motto at Schlitterbahn.)

james franco

3. Now here’s a ride that the whole family can agree upon…

family in torrent    simpsons dancing

Just another reason to dance!

4. Out of all the Torrents, Kansas City’s has the tallest waves

family in the torrent river

Hold on tight!

5. Tubing is a “thang” in Texas. This is our way of introducing the pure, unadulterated joy of tubing to the midwest. It’s how we unplug, unwind and relax.


Swimsuit: required, Chilled ‘tude: optional

6. So you couldn’t make it to the beach this summer? We got you.


Get your sunscreen, hat and summer book out!

7. Best thing about the Torrent: No wait, no lines, no problem!


“So grab your season pass and my hand.”

taylorswift dancing

See you all this summer at a Schlitterbahn near you!


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