The Soda Straws are a historical staple at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels! The dueling slides both descend off a large Coke Float structure landing into the lagoon at the Schlitterbahn West section of the park, otherwise known as Schlitterbahn “Main.” The Soda Straws are often overlooked because of their simplicity, but they are still one of our favorite attractions in New Braunfels! Here are some fun facts and things to know before your visit:

1. The Soda Straws brings out the competitive spirit in everyone. First one down wins and loser buys a round of Dippin’ n Dots:

exicted kid

Side note: You may need a friend to stand at the bottom to determine the winner.

2. In 1986 we created the World’s Largest Coke Float by pumping gallons of Coca-Cola and dumping Blue Bell┬ávanilla ice cream into the still existing mug.

Coke Float

Side note: Coca-Cola broke our record in Atlanta in 1998 and then again in 2007! Seems like a sign that it might be time to do it again…To be continued


3. It took 2,000 gallons of soda and ice cream to fill up!

Coke Float Promotion

Side Note: Notice the absence of the “soda straws.” The Coke Float came first.

4. The armadillo to the left in this photo used to be a Sno-Cone stand and he now resides at Bussey’s Flea market.

Coke Float and Castle Hill


4. Ditch your shoes when riding the Soda Straws. It’s a body slide, no shoes necessary.

girl exiting water slide

5. Be prepared to land in the lagoon, which is filled with water from the Comal River. It’s chilly 72 degrees and feels oh, so great on a hot summer day.

people in the lagoon


6. Every now and again we run across in our archive files original renderings of rides and we can’t resist sharing.

Soda Straw Rendering

7. The Soda Straws were originally brown, then red and white, and now they are blue and green.

Soda Straws 1987

Soda Straws1

dogs eating pizza from a box on the ground

Side Note: This is a picture of my pugs enjoying pizza on #NationalPizzaDay. They wanted to wash out their mouths with water from the Soda Straws, but things are pretty dry during the off-season… Sorry pugs!

Want to experience it? Here ya go.

Schlitterbahn, it’s got something for everyone!


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