What sets Schlitterbahn New Braunfels apart from all other waterparks is our tube chutes in the original section. New Braunfels is known for rivers and floating, so Schlitterbahn took that concept and employed that vibe in its ride. Those of us who “grew up Schlitterbahn” all have our favorite tube chute and have absolutely no problem with the Comal water being 72 degrees. We’re Schlitterbahn vets and we know what’s up. The Hillside tube chute is definitely my fave, and here are a few fun historical facts you might not have known:

1. The Hillside tube chute was the second addition to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels in 1980.


2. The iconic photo we often post of the castle is the start of the Hillside tube chute.


3. But that wasn’t always what it looked like…

Hillside TC early

The change was made in 2000.

4. It’s one of two rides that end in the lagoon.


Can you guess what the other one is? Hint:


Yep, the Soda Straws!

5. The Hillside was the first tube chute to be built in New Braunfels.


Most people think the first tube chute was the Raging River…


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