Congo River Expedition is a ride like no other here at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. Like our other themed rides, the Congo River allows our guests to follow along to a story while enjoying the water. For the most part, the Congo River is a slow flowing river ride. There is a decently sized drop in the middle, and the longer you ride it, the more rapids you’ll encounter.

Tubers on Congo Expedition

Like many of the other rides located in the original part of Schlitterbahn NB, Congo uses water from the Comal River to fill its slides. Because of this, the water can feel a little bit chilly compared to our more traditional pools. (Not necessarily a bad thing on our 100°+ days!)

Tubers on Congo Expedition

Another cool thing about the Congo is its actual access to the Comal River! The Congo has a couple different entrances and exits (so you can float as long as you want really), but the official end is all the way down at the Comal. The Congo river even flows through our resort, which means that if you’re staying with us you can essentially float to your room at the end of the day.

Inside Congo Expedition

Make sure you grab one of our black tubes before you hop in the line, which is located right inside our Wave entrance of Schlitterbahn West. Since it is one of our classic rides, the line can get kind of long, so make sure to grab a blast pass to save your spot in line! Have fun, and beware the jungle wildlife!

Animated snake