Oh, Wurstfest, the time of year when the city of New Braunfels embraces its German heritage, where we pull on our Dirndls and lederhosen and have a 10-day salute to sausage. It starts November 2nd – 11th! You can pretty much ask any local and they’ll tell you it’s one of the best perks of living in New Braunfels.


Being a native of New Braunfels, I’ve hit up Wurstfest during many different age brackets.

( 1 – 9) Check. The year I played all night by the Comal and made several splatter paint art photos.

(10 – 14) Check. The year I came strictly for the carnival rides.

(15 – 20) Check. The year I was forced to volunteer at the Wurstentachen (spelling?) booth with my dad.

(21- 25) Check. The year I socialized with every single person I’ve ever known from NB. And opted to partake in adult beverages.

(25- 30) Check. The year I volunteered at the C.I.S booth and then stayed ’till closing then danced the night away with everyone I’ve ever known in NB.

Clearly, there are many types of Wurstfest experiences, but the trick is knowing the in’s and out’s of the best fest that NB has to offer.

“Have the Best time at the Wurstfest.” (see what I did there?)

There are certain insider tips perfect for anyone coming to Wurstfest, for example, parking. Where to park, how much is it, who’s got the best deal in town? So in no particular order here is a list of things you should know.

1. Opening day is free until 7pm.


2. Cash only y’all! Admission, food and drink tickets can only be purchased with cash. ATM machines are on site, but have a huge service fee.

make it rain

3. Thursday night is college night. Here’s the catch: it’s actually one of the best times to go, you just need to be headed out by 9pm.  The college crowd is a late crowd and a rowdy one at that!

college night

4. Have a meeting spot in case you get separated from your friends. Best spot to meet is in front of the Wurstentachen booth because saying, “I’m to the right of the big white tent” is really confusing.


5. With so many food options, it can hard to know what you absolutely should not miss out on. You will be sad if you went to Wurstfest and didn’t get the Wurstentachen or potato pancakes. Don’t have any regrets!


6. The last Sunday is free! So, if you haven’t quite gotten your sausage on a stick fix or still have some left-over drink tickets, you’ve got one last chance – and it’s free!

the office

7. Hands down best performance is Alex Meixner. His style is polka meets rock at a Madonna concert. It’s crazy!


8. There are a couple of carnival rides for tweens to enjoy! Note: This costs extra. You’ll need to buy tickets for each ride. Best bang for your buck is to buy the “All you can ride pass.”


9. Parking. On Landa street at the main entrance, across the street the Lion’s Club has parking for $10. Note: they charge extra for large trucks. You can also park on Elizabeth street and pay Young Life $5. It’s a little further, but if you’re looking to spend less it’s a better option. FYI parking lots do fill up!


10. Or you could – make that should –  stay at the Resort at Schlitterbahn because……”Those beers add up quickly so save yourself the trouble, stay with us and take the free shuttle!” Our beds are so much more comfortable than the County Jail.  ; )


For reservations call: 830-608-8500

Wurstfest is from November 2nd – 11th.

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