Did you know you can rent out Schlitterbahn’s Bavarian Halle for a conference? Last weekend Texas Travel Talk experienced all of the great amenities Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has to offer! This exclusive travel influencer group made a trip to the Bahn and held a conference to share all of their insider tips about blogging and posting on social media. The group spent Mother’s Day weekend with their families in the cozy Schlitterbahn Resort and participated in not only the conference activities at Bavarian Halle, but also spent some time playing in the park.



What is Bavarian Halle?

Bavarian Halle is Schlitterbahn’s historic venue prefect for parties, weddings, business retreats and more. The space is located right next to the Resort at the Bahn and across the street from the main Schlitterbahn waterpark. This rustic and German-inspired space is equipped with outdoor patios, an indoor stage and dance floor, private bathrooms and catering space suitable for any large event.

The event center made a great location for all the Texas Travel Talk influencers to meet up for family dinners, Mother’s Day yoga and to chat about new techniques in travel blogging. This group had a fantastic time traveling to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels to learn some insider tips and spend time playing with their families at Schlitterbahn.


Who is Texas Travel Talk?

Texas Travel Talk is a community of influencers exclusive to the Lone Star State. Members are chosen primarily based on their visibility in the digital world and their expertise in blogging and social media. The group held their conference at Schlitterbahn to bring professionals together to learn about blogging from one another and document a memorable experience to share with their families and followers.

“They love to have a sense of community, and also the world of influencers is growing and changing,” Texas Travel Talk Co-founder Fran Stephenson said. “We wanted to help bring education to them, we wanted to shape standards for the travel industry and we wanted to deliver a learning experience. But we also knew that if we could do that for bloggers, we could also do that for attractions, destinations and hotels in Texas.”

Many of the members of Texas Travel Talk are born and raised in the Lone Star State. One of the speakers from the conference, Jennifer Navarrete, came to share her expertise in podcasting and on how to create great content for social platforms. She noted that when she go the invitation to speak she knew it would be special to come back to a Texas landmark like Schlitterbahn.

“The nice thing about Schlitterbahn is that it is homegrown and it is family,” said Navarrete. “What an amazing opportunity to not only come back to a place I had fond memories of as a child, but also to come in and impart some wisdom with other professionals in this space. How could I say no?”


Why come to Schlitterbahn?

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels became the perfect host destination for the Texas Travel Talk conference because the property embraces travelling with the whole family. The waterpark is a great place to bring everyone in the family to have an exciting stay. Not only do we provide fun in the water park, guests can come to Schlitterbahn and experience a number of our amenities:

The Resort at Schlitterbahn accommodates families both small and large. Click here to discover the variety of lodging options at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

Schlitterbahn offers many options for events ranging from weddings to business meetings. Click here to find out all of our event planning resources.

Spending all day at the waterpark? Rent a cabana! This will secure your spot in the park and give you a place to relax while soaking up the summer sun. Click here to see the variety of cabanas available.

Looking to plan an event in New Braunfels? What about an exciting summer vacation? Schlitterbahn is the place to be. See you this summer at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels!