The Falls is the ride that illustrates just how much Schlitterbahn loves rivers. Built to mimic the experience of tubing on a natural river, the Falls stretches between the Surfenburg and Blastenhoff area of the park in New Braunfels. It’s this writer’s favorite ride on the East side of the park.


Here are 10 facts about The Falls:


  1. The Falls is actually considered part of a distinct park at Schlitterbahn – Tubenbach –  which also has the Deluge and a very cool dragon.
  2. The Falls is 3,600 feet long and is designed to allow you to enter and exit the ride in multiple beaches (except for somedays – see #4).
  3. The Falls is the most recent ride created at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels – it opened in 2012.
  4. You can’t enter the ride in multiple beaches on Saturdays in July and August because it’s crazy busy and the only way to manage crowds in the ride is to have a single point of entry. (For tips on avoiding long lines, click here.)
  5. It’s LOOOONG. We’re not kidding. It takes 45 minutes from beginning to end.
  6. It has two Archimedes screws. Invented by Archimedes of Syracuse (in Greece, not New York) in the 3rd century, it’s an incredibly efficient way to lift water. It’s more efficient than pumps. Every Schlitterbahn park now uses them, but these are the only ones that are stacked.
  7. The bottom section of The Falls is where everyone loses each other. The current stretches out the distance between folks and the chutes make it tough to hold on to one another. But no worries, you’ll all catch back up at the slow section right before the Deluge. SNBW_Deluge_LifeguardGirl2_sm
  8. You’ll laugh. You’ll scream. You’ll lean back and relax, looking at the massive trees along the bank of the Comal.
  9. Do not call this a lazy river. Technically there are no “lazy rivers” at Schlitterbahn Waterparks because they all feature elements like theming, chutes, waves, or currents. The Falls has several chutes, a few calmer areas, and a nice quick current.IMG_4933
  10. The AquaVeyer is part of the ride. Most people want to ride their tube on the conveyor system which is alongside the Archimedes screws. Even though there are exits well before the AquaVeyer, you can always find a group of tubers waiting for their turn to ride it back up to the top portion of The Falls.