photo[5] Made from the love of music and Schlitterbahn. #bahnlove This morning was super crazy and hectic at the Schlitterbahn office: Hacked Facebook accounts, slow internet and missed phone calls. The only thing worse than a Monday is a Thursday with a slow internet connection. That can be extremely irritating, especially when you have a lot of work to do. We had to look online to try and find some tips to speed up our broadband (click here to see some of those tips that we tried). They did actually help, and the internet did improve. If the internet connection keeps going slow in the future, it might be time for us to start comparing broadband deals. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the internet in my area and it seems like we should have a good connection, perhaps it’s time for us to move providers? We need consistently good internet to make sure we can get our work done, so we’ll see what the internet is like in the next couple of weeks.

After experiencing our internet problems, we decided to have some fun. So, what better way to brighten our day than to bring sexy back?!… Oh yeah, we went there! Tara and I turned our day around the only way we know how… By listening to some good music. Music that reminds us of a warm summer day at Schlitterbahn. Every day should feel like a warm summer day at Schlitterbahn, and now they can feel that way! Relax, sit back and enjoy our “Summer Jams” playlist. Your summer is only one song away! IMG_5775 Tara’s Inspiration: Music is a crucial part of my life! Whether I’m creating a playlist for working out, hanging out or for a long work day I’m always trying to get a certain vibe from my music. So my awesome co-worker, Jon, and I wanted to create something for our age group. Something that you all can relate to and enjoy on your drive to the waterpark. We scoured Spotify and made sure to include a little of this and little of that. A little something to get you in the mood for a great day with your besties! Because every fun moment needs an anthem. From us to you! Enjoy. photo[4] Jon’s Inspiration: I don’t know about you, but I am super excited for warm weather! Texas is finally starting to warm up to the idea of summer, and I wanted to bring that spirit to Schlitterbahn–the feeling that anything can happen! George Strait, Britney Spears, Girl Talk, Beyonce-they’re my favorite and always make me want to shake, dance, and most importantly, float the river at Schlitterbahn! There isn’t anything like a Texas summer, a good song and a great day at Schlitterbahn! I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as Tara and I do! Keep calm, sing along and float on!

WARNING: This is not splash radio! Click here to listen—- Summer Jams by Tara and Jon photo[1] See you in the summer! #keepcalmfloaton #bahnlove