Whether you’re a lifetime Schlitterbahn-er or a newcomer, it’s always great to stay up to date with the crazy fun shenanigans the Schlitterbahn team is getting themselves into! This summer, season two of the communication interns are facing off in a summer-long battle. Each battle takes part as a Facebook live event so you’re able to watch everything right as it unfolds. Therefore, you have to make sure you’re following our Facebook pages to get the live coverage of the competitions!

By day they go by Marissa and Julieanna, but by work day they are known by their alter egos: Intern 1 and Intern 2. Their challenges have brought them to exotic locales, like an interview room in the New Braunfels office, a cabana right by the Lagoon in the New Braunfels Park, the play area at the original resort, and right in front of the iconic Schlitterbahn Castle. Where they will go next is a mystery, so you’ll have to watch and see!

Here they are in action!

Interns celebrating GIF

1. The first ever legendary intern battle was a challenge to see who could build a Cube Shatze the fastest. They were lucky because the amazing designer of the cube Schatze, Maddy Kouns, precut everything for both interns. (did everything get cut out?) The two interns were sat down at a table together with nothing but the pieces in front of them. They received no time limit, no assistance, and neither of them had previously tried to assemble the Shatze. From experience I can tell you this cube is no joke to build so they both were truly put through a challenge. At the end when the winner was finally announced (no spoilers here) a special guest appeared to crown the winner and gave a special star to our loser. Who won? Who was the special guest? Was everything really cut out? Watch the full video to find out!

DIY Schatze GIF

2. The next intern challenge took place at the New Braunfels Resort, the activities director Ms. Terri joined in as a special guest judge. Not only was Ms. Terri a perfect guest judge, but she actually built all of the resort games the interns played and you can too! These games have a home at the resort, ready for resort guests to play with as they stay. Interns 1 and 2 played three rounds in this epic showdown. First, the interns both tried their hands in corn hole. The first intern to five points won that round. After the first round it was clear the interns had shown up ready to play. Next, they went head to head in a game of ladder golf, with a score that was too close for comfort. The last and arguably the most difficult game was a round of giant Jenga. I won’t tell you how long their round lasted, but I will say their tower is something you don’t want to miss! Check out the full video here

Jenga set

3. The third intern battle gave a new meaning to music knowledge. To prepare for opening day and the Spazmatics, Intern 1 and 2 were tasked with a finish the lyric challenge. Chris Ozimeck the corporate director for marketing and sales joined in to be the guest judge for this challenge. Chris was the final say on whether the two interns guessed the correct lyric. To be true to the Spazmatics and to challenge the young interns, the music stayed in the 80’s genre (for the most part). The game worked just the way it sounds. Part of a song was played, giving the interns just a hint of what they were listening too, as soon as the song was stopped they had to feverishly write what they believed the lyric to be, and then Chris would claim who won the round. I promise you can’t get through this video without singing along!

Interns GIF

4. The last intern battle so far has to be the stickiest of the four! The two interns joined together to take an egg Russian roulette challenge. And yes it’s just as disgusting as it sounds. And I’m pretty sure they thought it would be something different when they heard the word roulette, like trying their hand at the online version of the game through apps like xe88 2021 and winning extra cash in the process. But how wrong they were. Did they think they’d get off this lightly? Oh no! A game of egg Russian roulette is definitely the way forward… well for us anyway. I bet most wished they were playing actual casino games that RSS Navi talk about. To explain the rules and be the guest judge Homer Gonzalez, aka the social media guy, stopped by to be a part of the fun. Egg Russian roulette requires a carton of eggs with 8 boiled eggs and 4 raw, uncooked, yolky eggs. The game ends and a loser is declared when a player cracks two raw eggs on their head. You heard me right. The interns cracked eggs on their heads! The game starts with a flip of a coin to decide which intern goes first. The next part is where the fun happens, without looking the intern must choose an egg and crack it against their head. Which intern cracked under the pressure and who was crowned eggcellent? Find out here.

Intern playing game GIF

The fun isn’t close to being over! Stick with us for the rest of the season to see what else interns 1 and 2 get themselves into. You can interact during the videos like voting for the intern you think will win, liking, commenting, and sharing to possibly win some tickets, but you can only take part if it’s during the live video so remember to follow us on Facebook to stay updated all summer!