Five Year Old

Me and My Five-Year-Old on Torrent Beach

Ask me why I take my little boy to Schlitterbahn…because…

…. I like to create magic that he will remember for years. Look, as a working mom, I get it, I can’t throw elaborate birthday parties every year or cook a five course meal for every dinner. But I know that childhood is about wonder and magic, and if that is something I can give him just by visiting Schlitterbahn, then why not. Think about the scope of the castle and the rivers and even the kids’ areas from a child’s perspective. When he grows up, his memory of it will be surreal.

…. each summer is a milestone for us to share as a family. When he was one he could barely play in Schatze’s Central Park, at two he giggled while water splashed him at Kiddie Coast. The three year old him spent all afternoon with me riding around Transportainment at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island, and the four and five year old really learned to swim in the Schlitterswim program. Now that he will be six we may finally be ready for the Master Blaster.

…. I remember the promise that lay at the beginning of each seemingly endless summer during grade school. If the feeling of a kid on the last day of school could be bottled it would sell millions. And the reason it is so sought after is that expectation of summer. It’s like you now had enough time to do everything school was keeping you from doing. At Schlitterbahn all of us can feel that freedom together.


SPI Castle

Three Year-Old at the former Schlitterbahn at South Padre Island










Daddy and Kid

Daddy and Five-Year-Old after Swim Lessons