The most essential part of any visit to Schlitterbahn is picking up some swag at one of our gift shops so that you have something to take home with you to remind you of your trip after you’ve left. Each season, our retail department offers some of the most popular new items for you to purchase at any of our numerous shops! (Pro-tip: visit this link to plan out which gift shop to go to because each one offers slightly different options)

For this summer (2017) we’ve consulted with some of our Retail managers to pick out the top 5 most popular and bestselling items from Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

  1. FIDGET SPINNERS. Need I say more? I’m not entirely sure when fidget spinners became “a thing” but they are currently a full-blown cultural phenomenon. If you don’t have one yet, you’re in luck! They are a brand new addition to our Schlitterbahn gift shops! We have plenty of different colors (and even some that light up!) so everyone can find one that they like. I wouldn’t advise taking your spinner with you on any of the rides at Schlitterbahn (safety hazard!) but it’s an extremely addicting way to pass the time while you’re chilling out at your picnic table taking a break.Fidgit spinner
  1. FANNY PACKS. Okay so people have mixed opinions on fanny packs, but I say there’s no better place to wear a fanny pack, ironically or not, then at an amusement park like Schlitterbahn. This year we have a couple newer styles, including an always fabulous tye-dye version and a couple more subtle blue and pink options. They’re perfect for carrying around your essential items around the park without having to lug around a giant bag. Keep in mind though, they aren’t waterproof so if you have anything that you don’t want to get wet you’ll need a….Colorful fanny pack
  1. WATER WALLET UX. Sources tell me that this waterproof pouch is a little different than the ones that we’ve sold in past seasons, and a little bit cheaper as well! The box says that it fits all phones sizes (so if you’ve got that iphone plus you should be fine) and that it’s been tested for up to 50 feet. You’ll never be in any 50ft water at Schlitterbahn so your phone should always be safe. This case also says it will allow you to take clear pictures with both the front and back cameras, and the material it’s made of allows for touch screen functionality so that you never have to take it out of the pouch!

Phone protector

  1. FUN HATS. My friends in the retail warehouse have told me that the fun hats at the gift shops are a huge hit this year! They then proceeded to tell me that never have they used their Platforms and Ladders’s Rolling Ladder as much as they have in these past few months. They’re always having to use it to be able to reach these hats so they can go through the next stage of production. The example hat that they gave me was like this fun Unicorn beanie hat, but I know for a fact that they also have a very interesting poop emoji hat that is all the rage with the little kids! Again, I don’t think I would wear it on any of the rides because it is not made for getting wet.

Unicorn beenie

  1. CUTE SHIRTS. Every year at Schlitterbahn we order new shirts that are the most in trend with what’s happening in the outside world. The specific version that is one of our more popular with the kids this year, is very similar to a Southern Comfort shirt and it shows our iconic castle with a kind of Lily Pulitzer twist. There are many more similar versions of this shirt, so your whole group can grab one to match!