We could not be more excited as we took a trip through the seasons at first annual Summer Under Cover Con at Schlitterbahn Galveston’s Indoor Waterpark! Despite the unfortunate acronym “SUCC”, this event did not SUCC!


Rohr ERT!

The day began bright and early (and windy) on beautiful Galveston Island. ACE guests were whisked into the award winning Indoor Waterpark to a reserved area where they were served a beach themed breakfast including fruit and “breakfast pizza”. And they were entertained by summer music as they drank coffee and mimosas. This was just enough sustenance for the ERT on Rohr! and Faust and Furious, three of Schlitterbahn Galveston’s EXTREME body slides.

When ACE returned for lunch they noticed the season had changed. As if the clock had actually jumped forward, it was suddenly autumn. Thanksgiving Dinner was served with all of the fixings, including pumpkin spice ice cream. As a nod to Halloween, ACE guests decorated pumpkins in a very hard to judge pumpkin decorating contest.. Sunglasses on Pumpkin Table


Winner: Team Alien

IMG_5643While it remained warm inside the heated-indoor waterpark, December blew in to Schlitterbahn Galveston Island! Before Christmas Dinner was served, Surfing Santa appeared to ride the Boogie Bahn wave for a cheering crowd! Then a Boogie Bahn and Soaring Eagle ERT were enjoyed before heading in for ham, mashed potatoes, and yummy apple cobbler. Even Christmas cookies were served!

Santa had indeed arrived! We hope that ACE enjoyed Schlitterbahn’s Holiday Greeting. Remember, you can always have a Summer Under Cover at the Indoor Waterpark!