No water coaster is exactly the same as another at Schlitterbahn. So here are a few things to know about Storm Blaster in Kansas City.

1. Instead of the typical staircase to reach the top of a slide, the Storm Blaster has a conveyor system to send riders to the top of the ride.

Storm Coaster

Super chill vibes. And because, hey, you’re on vacation, don’t make me work for my fun.

sleepy tiger

2. Storm Blaster is the only water coaster in the midwest!

Storm Coaster



3.  Buddy up! The Storm Blaster requires a two person tube.

Storm Blaster

4. Once the ride is over you just keep floating…

Park view

No awkward, slightly ungraceful ride exits here.


So grab your crew/fam, find a picnic table and get ready to kick it!

Family entrance

Here’s a little teaser of what to expect:

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