The Screaming Serpents is the newest ride in our Galveston park and they are a twisted kind of fun. Here are 13 facts about the Screaming Serpents:

Riders twist around 2.5 times while in the belly of the Serpents. You exit the mouth. We won’t discuss what that means about where you enter.

heads of serpents at waterpark

These are very specifically SERPENTS, not snakes. Don’t call them snakes; it makes them angry.

orange serpent

The Screaming Serpents replaced the F5, which also twisted around and were colored blue and gray.

F5 Twin twisters


The Serpents are twins, but not identical. The green serpent is 281.14 feet long, the orange serpent is 280.89 feet long. We think this means the green serpent is the oldest of the twins by a minute.

orange piece of fiber glass

If you laid out the fiberglass sections they would be as long as 3.4 football fields.

pieces of serpent waterslide

According to the Schlitterbahn vet, the Sea Serpents weigh 13,207 pounds or the same as a fully-grown Tyrannosaurus Rex.

early artist rendering of serpent slides

An early artist rendering. They didn’t look so heavy here.

It took over 3,000 bolts to assemble the slide. That’s a lot of righty tighty.

pieces of serpent slide

The bolts weighed 430 pounds, or the equivalent of a piano.

bolts of the slide

The head of each serpent is 8 feet tall. No one has been willing to measure the fangs.

people watching the decent of riders

The ride features three cool elements: fog, music and lighting effects.

inside of the slides

We had a contest to name the twins. The winning names were Mamba for the green serpent, and Cobra for the orange serpent. Sir Pent and Miss Hiss were a close second.

green and orange serpent slides

The orange serpent has a higher angle of descent at the end so some say the ending on that twin is slightly more intense. And the light effects inside the orange one are brighter, so there’s that.

inside of orange serpent slide

We consider this a “high wedgie factor” ride. You’ve been warned.

at the mouth of orange serpent


Here’s a video of the Screaming Serpents!



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