We have been posting recently about our eclectic assortment of resort rooms at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Resort! This mix is certainly on the top of the list of what makes our flagship resort unique.

And I thought, it is about time we give some love to our newest Resort, Schlitterbahn Beach Resort on South Padre Island. At The Beach, you will find more traditional accommodations, double bed rooms, and some cool suites. And we will cover these rooms. But for this introduction, I wanted to check out some of the other features that set Schlitterbahn Beach Resort apart.

So today the theme is: The VIEW! No not the TV show. I think we all have in our minds what a beach view is. And if you really picture it…maybe it would come up like this…

schlitterbahn beachresort-0276

Ahhh… breathe. Now that is a great view. I was there when this picture was taken. And this is NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. That is what the ocean really looks like.
It is the view from the top of our Sea4Ever Bar, located at the top of the Beachfront Tower.

Captured View of SBR Beach

And this view is shared by every room on the beachfront side of the building. (I stole this picture from one of our videos.)


Of course even if you stay facing away from the beach, you get this view! A true water lovers dream come true. One side: The Gulf of Mexico, Other side: A beautiful beach river from Schlitterbahn.

And to leave you feeling like you had the full Schlitterbahn Beach VIEW experience.


The Main Entrance View


Goodnight from Schlitterbahn Beach Resort on South Padre Island! Next post: Inside the Indoor Waterpark.

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