Eight things you should know about Sand Castle Cove


When families and friends first arrive in our South Padre park, the hit the bucket immediately – the Sand Castle bucket that is! Here are eight fun facts about the Sand Castle Cove.


Number 1: Sand Castle Cove’s giant bucket is the most photographed spot in our South Padre Park. When it splashes down on you on one of those 90 degree days it’s a moment of ahhhh!


getting splashed from a bucket

Number 2: We love castles at Schlitterbahn and this one is no different. The sand castle has been incorporated into the logo of the entire waterpark.

schlitterbahn sand castle logo


Number 3: The big bucket used to be purple and was changed to red to go along with a advertising campaign in 2011.

view of sandcastle at entrance

frontal view of sandcastle


Number 4: Sand Castle Cove is what we call a water playground – water playgrounds were first invented by Schlitterbahn.

family at water playground in waterpark

Number 5: There are three buckets on the sand castle. More is better!

view of sandcastle showing all buckets

Number 6: The Sand Castle is five stories tall. It took dozens of artisans and craftsmen months to hand build this castle.

family looking up at castle

Number 7: There are different activities on all four sides including spraying hoses, spilling spigots, mini slippery slides, and soft spraying sculpted sea life.

octopus in water playground

family on the inside of sand castle

kids going down water playground slides

Number 8: During a photo shoot we finally figured out the timing on the bucket. It’s about 90 seconds. At least it was on that day. You can tell the bucket is about to tip by the tiny splish splashes happening at the top! Now you can time your favorite SPLASH SHOT!

red schlittebahn bucket


We love  splash shots!


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