Imagine this: It’s a Saturday in July, it’s HOT! What do you do to cool off? Go to a waterpark DUH! So you pile into the car and head to Schlitterbahn Waterpark! When you get there you realize that everyone else had the same exact idea! Great… There will be lines for everything! You hate lines! Who doesn’t hate lines?

Standing close in line angry woman

This is the exact thought that rattled the mind of Schlitterbahn mastermind and inventor, Jeff Henry! Standing in line is not only a pain in your backside but also a pain in your feet (Texas heat and pavement, terrible combination) but it’s also boring and that is not a word that is associated with the Schlitterbahn name! So Jeff set out to change that when he designed the state-of-the-art, award winning  Transportainment® River System at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island!

Transportation + Sport + Entertainment = Transportainment®

This concept is designed around the idea of moving guests around the park and to various ride while keeping guests in the water as long as possible! This is done by floating guests through sections of slow-moving water and whitewater rapids, detouring through two tube chutes and three Master Blaster uphill water coasters, for a ride that is never the same twice.


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So how does the Tempest fit into this innovated new system…

The Tempest is the very beginning of the Transportainment® system!

While there are several beach entrances for Rio Aventura (the official name of the river system at Schlitterbahn South Padre), I think the best way to fully understand and enjoy the experience of Transportainment® is to head over to and up the 3-story tower of the Tempest! Yes, you must use your land feet to get there but hey, we all need a little cardio before we spend the rest of the day lounging in our tube!

#SchlitterFact: The Tempest is the only water coaster at Schlitterbahn South Padre that guest must enter from dry land.

Tempest (dad & daughter)

From thrills and hills to chill!

Personally, there is no better way to start off the lounging around than with the thrills and hills of the Tempest! Once guests reach the top of the tower and get settled in their tubes, they are immediately sent down the Tempest’s 45-foot drop and with the help of another one of Jeff’s inventions, riders are then propelled back uphill by powerful water jets, known as Blaster technology. Blaster technology has now given water slides the look, feel, and experience that riders would expect to get from a steel-tracked, dry roller coaster. The Tempest sends you through a series of ups and downs and a turn with a view of the underside of the Sea Blaster before its final splashdown into Rio Aventura!

#RandomFact: The Blaster technology was first introduced with the opening of the Dragon Blaster (1994) and made famous by the Master Blaster (1996) at Schlitterbahn’s flagship park in New Braunfels!


#FUNFACT: The Tempest has 3 Blaster jets that propels you through your 550-foot long journey.


The world is now your oyster!

Now that you’ve made it to the bottom of the Tempest, the world is your oyster! You have a half-mile float that gives you access to the “floating queue line” for every other water coaster in the park! Take your time! You have all day to float around and decide what to ride next!




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