For us Texans it has been one doozy of a winter.  Especially, for South Padre Island where it hailed this past Wednesday morning. They even had to close the bridge to the island in the morning because it was sleeting. I don’t blame them, having your car land in the Gulf would be extremely unpleasant this time of year. That water is cold!

In all honesty ,I love the cold weather. Having gone to college in Boston where temperatures drop to the single digits I’ve grown to embrace the cold and everything that comes with it….sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, hot toddies…

Sorry I’m going off topic.

palm treesswim up bar


Point is as Texans we don’t do cold weather. Typically in January you can be outside sipping a cold drink in pants and a t-shirt and be just fine. So naturally when we host our Winterfest, an event for all our Winter Texans who travel South to avoid the snow, this time of year we hold it under the main Palapa in South Padre. It’s a great location to hold concerts and tons of space for people to mingle.

Well…not this year. Temperatures  below 40 degrees, wind, and sleet  – adds up to an  unpleasant outdoor event.




Time to move to Plan B. Time to make lemonade out of lemons.

First up: finding a new location. Easy, enough! We have an indoor waterpark with tons of space if we move all the picnic tables and open the doors to the adjacent conference room.

Next up: A stage. Errr, the Torrent is still filled with water.  So in true Schlitterbahn fashion we built a floating stage that was half submerged.

stagebuilding stage


Then there was finding space for the vendors, setting up food locations, chairs and changing the drink special from a margarita to hot toddy. (Boston Flashback!)


schatze in the food


All this was done in less than 48 hours. And you know what? The event was AWESOME! Nearly 1,500 Winter Texans braved the unseasonably cold weather to enjoy a day full of live music, drinks and food!





Just another typical day in SchlitterWorld.