Alright, we hear ya. What about the Soaring Eagle? No climbing, just soaring… Do we have your attention now? Are you interested? Yes! Okay, here are some things to know before you go, because “the more you know, the more you grow.”

1. The Soaring Eagle’s view ain’t half bad either.

Soaring Eagle

2. You can ride it alone for $10, but that’s no fun. Buddy up and ride it for $15.

Kids soaring

Hey, it’s family vacay… It’s all about sibling bonding time because you can’t even with your parents anymore. 

3. So your friends are saying you’re lame tell em, bro, whatev I just soared over a lake. Don’t even…

couple souring

4. Not to mention you’re soaring 100 feet above Schlitterbahn Kansas City. You’re a straight up dare devil! Ya heard.


So deal with it!!!

5.  You can go a respectable 30 miles per hour. Common speed limit in most neighborhoods. (cue internal crying)


Hey, I live on the wild side, but I’m also a law abiding, practical citizen.

I’m still a savage, I rode the Soaring Eagle Zip Line!!!!! What about it…


If you’re looking for a little bit of adventure,  but still tame to appeal to your conservative side Schlitterbahn Kansas City has got your back!

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