The Soaring Eagle joined the ride line up in Galveston Island the summer of 2013 and it is a refreshing edition! What’s unique about this ride is that it’s not a water ride, it’s a zip line that soars you over the entire waterpark! For those of you that aren’t afraid of heights and have always wanted to experience an aerial view of the waterpark then this is a must for you next time you visit.

But first, here are some facts….

1. You zip 30 mph backwards to tower over 100 feet to see the scenic view, then you zip 30 mph forward to where you started.


2. There is an additional fee for this ride. It costs $10 for 1 rider and $15 for 2, plus tax.


“I know it costs Extra, make it rain up in here.” 

3. Open year round. That’s right, you can still soar in the Fall.


“Treat yo’ self” 

4. During our Holiday Splash event, which is part of the indoor season, a certain famous bearded man has been known to soar.


Hint: It’s Santa. And of course Schatze is there to help out. 

5. Fun Fact: You soar over the Boogie Bahn and sometimes lifeguards will splash water up that will reach your feet!

soaring eagle

“I know because it happened to me”

Disclaimer: This happened after hours, so don’t be alarmed. 

6. It’s great way to dry off!


“Giving new meaning to ‘air dry'”

7. Know Before You Go: All the parks have a soaring eagle EXCEPT New Braunfels.


Fingers crossed that New Braunfels gets one soon!

So grab your bestie and head over to Soaring Eagle next time you visit. Trust me, it’s worth the extra $15


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