When you are one of the most beloved brands in the waterpark biz, most folks feel like they know all there is to know. But since we are celebrating 50 years of family fun, we thought we’d clarify a few things:

  1. Schlitterbahn was a resort way before it was a waterpark.   Fifty years ago Bob and Billye Henry packed up their three kids and headed to New Braunfels to take over Camp Landa, a small collection of cabins and rooms on the banks of the Comal River. Mr. Bob, as he was known to all who worked with him, built the first tube slide when adding amenities to the resort. The waterpark didn’t open for 13 years.
  2. Black tubes can only be used in the river section because of a little thing called chlorine. When Schlitterbahn New Braunfels opened it’s first chlorinated section, aka, Surfenburg, the classic black tubes left marks everywhere they rubbed against the walls of rides during testing. Apparently, chlorine and rubber don’t play well. Now you’ll only find black tubes at the Main park happily coexisting with water from the Comal River in New Braunfels.nb-tube

    Schlitterbahn is not an actual German word. We combined two actual German words: Schlitter for slippery and Bahn for road. That still doesn’t make it a real word, so keep that in mind if you travel to Germany. Also many names of our rides are in German-esqe as well. And yes, this drives some people crazy.whats-that

  4. Schlitterbahn is not closed all winter. We have two indoor waterparks, three resorts, and two full-service restaurants that operate year-round. We keep busy with a whole host of year round activities like Holiday Splash, Spring Break, Costume Contests, and more.
  5. Our mascot is a dachshund. His name is Schatze and he was based on a series of drawings by one of our in-house graphic designers. Why a dachshund? Because not only is he German, that dog really rocks a tube.
  6. Furniture in our resorts is handcrafted from logs that came directly from a Texas forest fire. Back in 2011, the Bastrop Complex Wildfire destroyed 32,000 acres of Loblolly Pine. Rather than have all the logs turned into mulch, Schlitterbahn offered to send trucks to haul off the fallen logs. Then we set our craftsmen loose to create everything from paneling to headboards, benches, tables, and night stands.

So there you have it. Six more facts you can add to your beach bag of Schlitterbahn knowledge!