You know what we love about Cyber Monday? It takes the “meh” out of Monday! And since you don’t have to venture out in the cold and battle with your fellow “on a budget, need a deal” shoppers, it’s a much more pleasant holiday shopping experience than Black Friday.

Increasingly we’ve noticed that our homes are filled with soooo much stuff! We’re all looking for a different kind of present under the tree. Something that we won’t be hauling to Goodwill in two years (or worse yet, re-gifting). Something that stirs up excitement. Something that will last.

Like a great memory making experience.

Like a trip to the WORLD’S BEST WATERPARK!

Reviews from our Guests

This is by far the best waterpark I’ve ever visited, and I’ve been to many. It is huge and there is so much to do. The lazy river is just amazing and goes on and on forever. And the wave pool is so much fun. There’s plenty of chairs and tables to put your belongings, and you can bring your own cooler with your own food which I would advise you to do. Love it, love, love it!! I can’t wait to go back next year!!

– Luciij, TripAdvisor

I wish I could live here!

– Amanda C., Google

It was very fun! I liked how I was able to bring in a full cooler of snacks and sodas and bottled waters without paying extra. Then found a picnic table near the lazy River and left my towels and shoes and the such there. Nobody messed with my stuff, and I actually saw others doing the same thing as I ‘with the picnic table.’ We all just kinda watched out for each other’s stuff. Overall I’d say it is a good and wholesome environment for family fun.

– Zeer O., Google

Seven Reasons for Shopping Schlitterbahn Cyber Monday

Here are the seven reasons you’ll want to check out our Cyber Monday sale.


Happy little girls sitting by a fireplace on Christmas eve

They’ll never guess what they are getting!

1. We guarantee that it’s the perfect size.

Girl riding rapids

One size fits all

2. Since parking is free and you can bring in a giant ice chest with all your goodies, there is nothing else you have to buy.

Cookie Blaster

Okay. You’ll want to buy a funnel cake.

3.  It is a crazy over the top deal. Really. Deepest discount and sale we’ve ever done.

Eagle Zipp Line


4. It’s super easy to wrap.

D.I.Y. Gift Wrap

We’ll show you how to wrap like a pro!

5. You have plenty of time to plan your trip (and even stay at our resort).

Resort Room 235

Ah, the resort in New Braunfels. Wouldn’t this make an amazing gift?

6. Your resolution (you know that’s coming) to commit to spending more time together is off to a great start!




7. And most importantly, 2019 is Schlitterbahn’s 40th anniversary season and we have so much fun planned!

40th anniversary logo

So get an amazing deal on your summer adventure. Click here to get in on the deal for Cyber Monday. Want something a little more “permanent” to add to it? Our online retail shop is open for the holidays! Or how about a brick on the Wave of Fame? Order a replica brick and you’ll have something heavy to put under the tree for sure!

Sequence Plush Dolphin

Everyone loves a sequin dolphin. EVERYONE.

Happy shopping and we wish you the merriest of holidays!