Want to know how you can save the most on your season pass to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels? Buy it NOW. Not only is the price phenomenal, you can sneak in a last blast of Summer 2015 if you buy a season pass.

This is a killer deal and we’re always surprised more folks don’t take advantage of it.


Just do the math: for $144.99 spent on a season pass for New Braunfels, you get to not only go to your  park now through the end of the season, you also get:

Admission to Galveston during the fall indoor season

Admission to Galveston Island Holiday Splash

Admission to New Braunfels during Spring Break 2016

Admission to New Braunfels during Easter Break 2016

Admission to New Braunfels ALL SUMMER 2016!



Every park has slightly different offers. You can get more details on our New Braunfels season pass page here and Galveston’s here.

Season Pass pricing gives you an incentive to get passes early. There are four pricing types for season passes: Renewal, Early Bird, Pre-Season, and Full Price.

Price: Lowest available.
Time: August to Mid December
Notes: Only offered to current season pass holders. After December 15, renewal guests will be priced the same as new.

Early Bird:
Price: Lowest available for new season pass holders.
Time: August to January
Notes: When the park is still open, you can visit the remainder of current season for FREE!

Price: Discount from Full Price.
Time: End of Early Bird to end of May

Full Price:
Price: Well, full price.
Time: End of May until the Early Bird prices for next season begin in August.

Visit the following links to get your Season Pass on for your favorite park!

New Braunfels