When you work in any job for a while you start to notice patterns. One interesting tidbit is that if a guest (usually female) calls to ask for a list of park rules, 9 times out of 10 she is asking about dress code. Also, in my very scientific poll of personal observations, most of the time she is asking what clothes she can keep ON.

Waterparks are a fascinating place when it comes to wardrobe. Compared to most public places, it may seem as though there is no dress code at all. But we do have one.SGIW_20110829_0049

Officially: “Guests are required to properly wear clothing specifically designed for water recreation and swimming.”

T-shirts and Cover-ups: You can wear t-shirts, cover-ups, and even pants. But be aware that we may ask guests to remove shoes and loose fitting t-shirts on our body slides to comply with safety standards. You can put them back on when the ride is over.

Thongs, Tonga, Overly “Cheeky” Bikini Bottoms, and Sheer Swimwear: We do not allow overtly risque clothing or swimwear. Guests may be asked to change or wear shorts or a cover-up. Remember – Schlitterbahn is a family-friendly waterpark, so we do ask that you keep your swimsuits appropriate.

Speedos/briefs: We do not allow speedos or form revealing swim briefs in our park. Yes, we know they are swimwear. But they are revealing in their own way. Guys, you may be asked to toss on some board shorts or swim trunks.

Shoes: Water shoes or flip flops are allowed. But you will have to hold them while you ride body slides. Personally, I like to go barefoot, but most people don’t.

Sunglasses: My honest advice here is to buy and wear the cheapest pair of sunglasses you can possibly find. If you choose to wear your favorite high-end sunglasses or if you have a prescription pair you should secure them to your head with duct tape or superglue.*


*Ed. Note: Duct Tape and superglue are not recommended. Eye-wear can be secured with straps available at many establishments, including Schlitterbahn Gift Shops. We have no idea where Angela comes up with these things.

–The views of Angela are totally correct and for the most part reflect the views of Schlitterbahn, it’s subsidiaries, and the guy that works at the Dippin Dots stand. Please call Schlitterbahn for specific questions about dress code — or anything else.–