When you think the “World’s Best Waterpark”, you automatically think Schlitterbahn – right?
Do you ever wonder about the group who is behind giving us the prestigious title?

Those would be our wonder ACErs! (American Coaster Enthusiasts, just FYI)

Every Memorial Day weekend, we like to invite our ACErs out to have some fun at the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels waterpark for a little event we call “SchlitterCon.” This year marked the 11th year we’ve held the event and thanks to our wonderful Manager of Corporate Communications & Events, Angela, this group was able to have an awesome time despite the rain!

On Saturday afternoon we greeted our ACErs with a Fiesta themed dinner, which included a taco bar and lots of queso, before enjoying some exclusive ride time at Blastenhoff. When you hang out with this group, it’s hard to just ride the Master Blaster only onceIMG_1871! After our exclusive ride time, we all headed over to Surfenburg to watch the annual Boogie Bahn competition and enjoy some delicious treats put together by our talented Foods department. (Thanks so much PJ, Matt and the crew!) We took this time to relax in the Dragon’s Lair Heated Pool and catch up over Schlitterbahn exlclusive “BahnDots.”

TIMG_1872he fun didn’t stop there! Sunday, we invited the group to an early morning breakfast hosted at the Lagoon Pool in the main park. Here the ACErs had a sunrise behind the scenes experience in Schlitterbahn’s original section by watching the Lagoon Pool come to life!
(If you didn’t know, we pump river water into the rides at the Main Park through the Lagoon Pool which then feeds into the rest of the sections!)

At dinner time, we hosted an America-themed picnic party as a tribute to Memorial Day, complete with delicious strawberry lemonade, hamburgers and waffle fries (and that wasn’t even the whole menu.) We once again, enjoyed some exclusive ride time in Surfenburg and then¬†headed to our glow-in-the-dark night-time float down the Comal River! After this, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to float during the day-time ever again!


As we all floated down the river, we were taken to our next party location at the River Bend Hot Tub where the Foods team once again outdid themselves and fed us the best desserts you could imagine! (Chocolate Mousse Pie anyone??)

Needless to say we are always thankful to our ACErs for voting us the “World’s Best Waterpark” and we’re happy to be able to show that gratitude at SchlitterCon!¬†Special thanks to ACE South Central Regional Representative Jason Knutson for all of his hard work, and to Assistant Regional Reps who attended SchlitterConXI: Polly Nichols and Jeff Braziel.