2020 has been a rough year. We have done all we can to get through it together. It has made for a unique and interesting season at Schlitterbahn. One that we won’t soon forget. While there are still some uncertainties in the world, we have chosen to focus on some of the best times of the season. Check out our countdown of some of our favorite moments:

5. Coco Dominguez
When Coco Dominguez visited Schlitterbahn Galveston and tried to keep her lashes on. When we announced that we were opening for the season, we invited our friends from FOX26 Houston to the Galveston park. Coco Dominguez shared some important info, but also had a few bloopers.

4. Spring Break.
It seems like years ago, but spring break was actually just a little over 5 months ago. This is when we first reopened our parks in Galveston and New Braunfels revealing many of the off-season park enhancements and improvements. Guests were able to experience updated bathrooms, new food stands, a new front entrance in Galveston, the addition of Coca Cola Refresh Stations throughout the park, renovated gift shops, freshly painted slides and so much more. We loved sharing Cedar Fair’s multi-million-dollar investment with you during spring break.
Galveston Front Entrance Rebuild

3. Season passes extended through the 2021 season.
This was such an exciting announcement! We were just as disappointed as you that our 2020 schedule was impacted, so we were thrilled when Cedar Fair decided to extend passes through the entire 2021 season for our valued passholders. We’re quite thankful to be a member of the Cedar Fair Family. PS – this offer isn’t unique to just Schlitterbahn, all of the Cedar Fair parks also extended their passes through 2021.

2. The Resort at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels hosted some real heroes—our first responders.
As travel came to a halt with quarantine, we opened the doors to our beautiful hill country resort for some of our local heroes. We were grateful to lend a hand by hosting first responders at the resort, thus helping to keep their families safe as they worked on the COVID-19 front lines.
Resort at the Bahn Suite

1. When we reopened!
What a glorious day in June it was. It was the highlight of the season to get the green light to reopen our gates for some safe fun in the sun. It warmed our hearts to see the smiles and laughter return to the Hottest, Coolest Time in Texas for some much-needed time outside with friends and family! We know things were a little different this season and we thank you for your support, patience and understanding as we all navigated through these uncertain times together! Thanks for choosing to share your time with us this summer. #BahnLove

Welcome NB Guests
Welcome Galveston Guests 2020

All in all, there were some great moments this season. And there’s more to come in 2021. We’re already busy preparing for you to visit next summer.