There is nothing more we love at Schlitterbahn than participating and getting to know the community our waterparks are in. Our Staff Services team at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island is a leading example of investing in your community.
For the past four years Brad Fitch, the SPI Human Resources Director, has been working with local schools in the South Padre Island area to give a presentation to students in the area on how to ace an interview. The first year Fitch put together this presentation he had three school districts sign up. Thanks to the success in the program they are now presenting to as many as six school districts.

The program has evolved from a simple “How to Ace a Job Interview” to include proficiency on how to complete a job application, resume building, time management, and public speaking and communication skills. This is also the first year Fitch’s team has partnered with Texas Workforce Solutions to deliver presentations on the employers perspective on what they are looking for when interviewing.


While working closely with the Los Fresnos High School Leadership Ambassadors, Fitch offered a complete one-day workshop on leadership in which the ambassadors took information and shared it with their underclassmen and junior high students. The workshop included presentations on public speaking, soft skills training and social media vs. social capital.

As a result, during a Rio Grande Valley Lead conference, attended by all Rio Grande Valley school districts, the Los Fresnos Leadership Ambassadors gave an hour-long presentation on leadership that highlighted the program Schlitterbahn had hosted and how much they gained from attending. “They made it a point to highlight that Schlitterbahn is one of the only companies that has made an effort to go out into the community to give back.” Fitch said.


Fitch has seen an increase in expanding their outreach program and schools have been contacting them to visit their district. Overall, this has been a great experience for Schlitterbahn Padre Island Resort and Waterpark and allows the in-house Staff Services team to both expand brand presence and recruit students to work with during the summer season all the while providing students with practical, real world knowledge to help them get a job.

Since Fitch has started the program they have seen more students come to their interview prepared and utilizing the tools they learned from attending the workshop.

“I have even had students approach me at places like HEB and Walmart to tell me that they attended my workshop at school and it helped them ace their interview and land a job,” Fitch said. “It’s a great program and we are very excited to reach out to the schools.”

Fitch’s Tips on How To Ace A Job Interview:
The three P’s: Prepare, Practice, and Plan.

Prepare: Research the company and choose three questions about the company to ask during your interview.
Practice: Proper introductions and elevator pitches.
Plan: Choose what you are going to wear based on the culture of the company you are interviewing with, but always incorporate professional attire.