Schlitterbahn is looking for experts to contribute ideas and hacks for our guests. And we know that our best experts are our Season Pass Holders!

As a season pass holder, you’re more than a fan, you are part of our Fan-mily. And every Fan-mily has their own tips and hacks for making the most out of their summer adventures at our park.

If you’re interested in sharing some of your Bahn knowledge fill out this questionnaire and we will be in touch so we can get more information about how you make the most out of your trips to Schlitterbahn.

We’ll select about a dozen Fan-mily experts to be part of our series of informative blogs, videos, and tips that we’ll share on our social media channels and in the park. And we’ll have a little gift for you for taking part!

Here are some brief FAQs:

Does this mean I have to appear on camera or have my photo out there?

No. While we’d love to have you explain your tip or hack on video, or on a short commercial we can play on KBAHN, we can also bring your tip to life with our in-house team. So if you’d like to be in front of the camera or off camera, we can make it work. What we really want to share is your insights.

Do I get paid?

The karma will be amazing, and we will have a small gift for you. But there is no payment for taking part.

Will I be identified?

We would like to list your first name and last initial as one of our Fan-mily Experts.

I don’t have hacks, but I do have suggestions…

We love to hear ideas! You can certainly send those in. In the Fan-mily Expert Series, though, we are really looking for tips and hacks you already use to make the most of your visit.

I have five tips! But the form only asks for one….

Send us your favorite! If you become part of our Fan-mily Expert team, we’ll ask you for more ideas!

I want to take part – how long is it going to take?

For any tips we film with you, it could take as long as an hour. We will follow up in an email to let you know you’ve been selected as well as more information on the rest of the process.

We also will email you three times throughout the season to ask you if you have any hacks for a specific idea (for example, how to pack your ice chest for a day in the park or ideal souvenirs for travelers).