We here at Schlitterbahn anxiously wait every summer season as the Texas weather begins to give us snippets of warm weather early on in the year. Mostly we ask ourselves why it’s in the high 80s in early February while dreamily looking at the empty waterpark. While we technically can’t open until next month for our BAHN BREAK (own our way of celebrating Spring Break March 11 – 18, 2017), that doesn’t mean we can’t eagerly prepare the park’s summer 2017 schedule!

We’ve also created a nice visual that show the different stages of our schedule and hours of operation as summer gets closer:

Map of Schlitterbahn What is Schlitterbahn Lite:
Limited Attractions – Light on the Wallet!
Schlitterbahn Lite has several stages that begin and end our summer season here in New Braunfels. Each of these stages help us kick off the summer season with Blastenhoff open during Spring Break or the entire East side of the waterpark open during certain days in May. It can be a little tricky to understand all the different stages, so here’s a breakdown of how it all works!

Blastenhoff only
Guests visiting during the Blastenhoff only time of the year will enjoy the world famous Master Blaster, thrills of Wolfpack and Black Knight or float the day away in the Torrent Wave River.

Operating schedule for Blastenhoff:

Map of Schlitterbahn

Blastenhoff and Surfenburg only

At the beginning of summer we will begin to open for more than just weekends, with this we also open the Surfenburg section of the East side of our New Braunfels Park. So not only do guests enjoy the Master Blaster and Torrent Wave River, we also add the Dragon’s Revenge AND the Boogie Bahn into the fun! Great way to get in as many rides as you can before all the kids get out of school and the lines start forming!

Operating schedule for Blastenhoff & Surfenburg:

Map of Schlitterbahn

Schlitterbahn East
Now, you might be reading that paragraph above and think, “Wait a minute? What if my kids are in school??? I want to have fun with no lines as well!” YOU ARE IN LUCK MY FRIEND! Not only will we have the Blastenhoff & Surfenburg section open, we’re also throwing in Tubenbach – also known as THE FALLS! Not only will you have a great time riding the Master Blaster and Boogie Bahn, you’ll also be able to float the day away on The Falls!

Operating schedule for Schlitterbahn East (Blastenhoff, Surfenburg & Tubenbach):

Map of Schlitterbahn

Full Park
Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! It’s finally summer and you’re ready to get your tan on! These are the days we’ll happily throw open those gates for you and wish we were also jumping into the Raging River or Lagoon. Please enjoy a Dippin’ Dots cup for us!

Operating schedule for the entire park:

Map of Schliiterbahn

Now make sure you round up the family and your favorite group of friends and make a trip to the always Hottest, Coolest time in Texas! Schlitterbahn(bahn!)