Hi there! Welcome to the Henry Haus. At the Resort at Schlitterbahn we offer a wide variety of vacation home options for guests looking to make the most of their trip to our area, whether it’s for a summer waterpark visit or a hill country getaway. If you’ve heard the expression “everything’s bigger in Texas”, then you’ll know this is true when we talk about the Henry Haus. This is the biggest vacation home we offer at our resort and it’s actually the one that is closest to our heart and holds the most meaning to us.

Why’s this? The Henry Haus is named after the founders of Schlitterbahn, Bob and Billye Henry, who lived there beginning in 1989. It was built in 1953 and has been through several stages of remodeling. The house was a personal residence for the Henry Family until 1994, when the house was opened to our resort guests for rent.

The house was originally the owner’s residence when the property was called Camp Landa, before the Henrys arrived. Not only is it a great place to stay with multiple families, it is a great part of New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn History.  Schlitterbahn Employees still use Henry Haus for company parties, bridal and baby showers, and it has even been used for small business meetings.

The Henry Haus:
As you’ve read, everyone at Schlitterbahn has made their own memory at the Henry Haus and we hope you will too! The house is a spacious five bedroom, four and a half bathroom home that sleeps up to 18 guests! The house is perfect for families that are looking to stay in the same accommodation and want to be located within walking distance of the West section of Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. The Henry Haus is located in the original resort section of the Resort at Schlitterbahn and has plenty of parking for everyone in the group – there’s three spots available in front of the house as well as plenty of resort parking.

Walking into the house, you’ll see the main living spaces have an open layout where everything is visible from the front door. To the left of the front door, you will see a large den area that is perfect for movie nights with your group – complete with a fireplace for those . The room features a large wraparound couch that faces a TV screen big enough for everyone to catch a Harry Potter weekend on Freeform or sit back to watch the game. This couch has a sleeper sofa that can be converted into a full-sized bed. From this room, you will also have access to the back patio area, but that’s something we’ll talk about later.

Open living room

Open living room

The kitchen and dining room are set up for bigger groups to enjoy, especially those who enjoy cooking and socializing while doing so. The two tables in these areas have enough space for up to 12 people to sit comfortably and enjoy a meal. The kitchens in our resort all come with all your basic necessities: utensils, pans, pots, plates, bowls, cups, etc.! This really comes in handy if you want to make some meals and take them with you into the waterpark (since we always let our guests bring outside food in!) Better yet, imagine spending Thanksgiving or Christmas in this vacation home? Deck the Halls in the hill country!

Large kitchen

Dining area

Taking a right down the hall from the kitchen is where you will find the guest bedrooms (all four of them!) The first room on the right will have a bedroom that is completely with a king sized bed and it’s own private bathroom.

Private bedroom

Back out into the hall, you will run into the bunk bed room which has two sets of (you guessed it) bunk beds – perfect for families with kiddos or teens who will probably spend most of the night chatting.

Bedroom with bunk beds

Across from these rooms you will find a full-sized bathroom that is easy access for the guests staying in these rooms.

At the end of this hall we have a double bedroom. Yep, you read that right, a double bedroom – or in hotel terms (if you must) a connected room. The following rooms are connected and each have their own hall to walk to different portions of the house. (If you’re confused, please watch the video below to get a good idea of what that looks like.) The rooms are spacious and provide a lot of room for those who like to room together but may also need some space from time to time. The first bedroom features a king sized bed and the connecting room has two double beds.

Private bedroom

Bedroom with two beds

Walking out of the double bed room, down the hall you will find the laundry room with a washer and dryer for those guests who need to dry their towels after a long day at the waterpark or do laundry during a long stay.

Laundry Room

At the end of the hall before the living room you will find a half bath, perfect for those who use the accommodation as a party/get together headquarters.

The living room (or as some call it, the second living room) is cozy and in the open layout with the kitchen and dining room. It’s a perfect space for those who want a bit of privacy but also want to be in the action of the kitchen. The couch in this area an also be converted into a full-sized bed.

Living room

I know what you’re thinking, we’ve talked about all these bedrooms but haven’t once mentioned the master bedroom – that’s because the master bedroom is a master SUITE. Off the second living room and kitchen/dining room area is the master bedroom with a king sized bed. This area is very unique. not just because of the privacy it allows, but because it has TWO BATHROOMS AND TWO CLOSETS! Yep, you read that right! This suite has his and hers bathrooms and closets so you won’t have to worry about sharing counter or closet space. 🙂

Private Bedroom

Moving on, you’re probably wondering about the backyard I mentioned early that was off the den at the beginning of this blog post. Off the den are two french style doors that will lead you outside into the back patio. This area is completely with a large table, and grill This is the perfect area to relax in the summer (if you feel like you didn’t get your fix after visiting the waterpark) or great for those colder fall nights when the kiddos still want to play in the pool.

Can you believe that this is only one of SEVERAL vacation homes we have to offer?? If you’re looking to vacation with a big group, this accommodation one we highly recommend you checking out. It’s truly one of our favorite accommodations because of the space and proximity to the waterpark as well as downtown New Braunfels. This would also be a great home for couples who are looking for somewhere to stay during the fall/winter season while visiting the Hill Country area. (Imagine having a great vacation home within 10 minutes of Wurstfest in November? We even have a shuttle that will bring you to and from the festival and is within walking distance of your rental!)

Long story short, not only is the Henry Haus a great piece of Schlitterbahn history but it’s also a fantastic place to stay with your family and/or friends. The home has enough room to sleep up to 18 people in this spacious five bedroom, four and a half bathroom accommodation as well as easy access to the waterpark! I personally recommend it to those who have little ones and are looking for a place that they can walk back to for nap time.