Long live the playlist! For all of you old enough to remember the days of the beloved Mix Tape. You would gather all your friends over and combine your CD’s to create the ultimate playlist!

jimmy dancing

Whether it be for a friend’s birthday or a way to express your feeling’s to a significant other, the playlist was a way to share a little of you with someone else. Sort of like a compatibility test. If you like my mix then we’ll be friends forever! Nowadays it’s so much easier to share the music you love with friends. i.e. Spotify

Continuing our series of playlist created by our employee’s, here is the next one. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Operations. Enjoy.

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Here’s the inspiration behind the jams:

Pump it Up by Schlitterbahn Operations

“Like most amusement parks, our operations team is here up to three hours before we open and after we close our gates.  The days are long and hot and unlike our guest we do not always have the opportunity to reside in the oasis like waters of the Torrent or the perfectly bone chilling Whitewater Tube Chute. So instead, we must find our serenity and motivation to push through these days.

“Each of us have our own little things — like a sugar rush from a rice krispy treat, a mid afternoon coconut water or even a piping hot pizza delivered from across the street.  Whatever our little niches are, we all have one thing that pumps us up in the morning and the same type of ritual to celebrate another successful day after we close: music.  It may be cliché, but for us music is something universal that brings us together, gets our blood pumping and our booties shaking.

“Every day I open the park I have some type of playlist blasting around 7 am to welcome our first employees of the day and as soon as the park closes at 8pm we turn up the jams again.  Just like Tara and Jon’s playlist this is not a Splash Radio playlist.  These songs are direct from the supervisors and leads that work in the park every day.  It is VERY eclectic, but to each their own.  This melting pot of songs defines our unique department, but nonetheless it is something worthy of pushing shuffle and repeat.  We hope you enjoy a little of our crazy and fun and we look forward to seeing you out in the park this summer.” – Tracey Nefford, Operations Manager

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Pump it Up by Schlitterbahn Operations