Massiv Water Coaster

No purses or backpacks on MASSIV, please.

At Schlitterbahn, you can picture yourself laying out in the sunshine reading a book, or tubing through one of the wave rivers, or splashing down a speed slide. But as you head from the Blaster to the Wave Pool, you smell the amazing aroma of funnel cake that you MUST HAVE NOW! Settle down, we get it. The only problem is that you probably didn’t take your purse with you down MASSIV.

We have a solution. Splash Cash! Leave your cash and credit cards locked in a locker. Get Splash Cash or Meal Bands then ride the waves and satisfy your funnel cake craving without losing a step.

Everyone knows that one of the many awesome things about Schlitterbahn is that you can bring in your own ice chest. It can be filled with food, drinks, and snacks which is great for saving time and money when you visit. We have even done whole posts and events with ice chest tips for Schlitterbahn!

But if you are not into the rolling refrigerator concept, Splash Cash and Meal Bands are the best options to easily buy and budget your dining for the day!


What is Splash Cash?

Splash Cash (available at all parks) is an easy-to-carry, waterproof alternative to cash or credit cards. Splash Cash can be used at any park vendor including food, bars, and retail gift shops. And the best thing about Splash Cash is that you can turn it in at the end of the day and receive any unused cash back. So if you buy $30 of Splash Cash and only spend $20, you get $10 back. Splash Cash is purely for your convenience. And it is also a great way to keep kids on a budget. Both parks have a unique Splash Cash Program:

  • New Braunfels- Fill a Schlitterbahn “card” with the desired dollar value (lanyard included). To use, present to any vendor that takes credit cards and bon appetit. (Useable at retail locations as well.)
  • Galveston – Splash Cash RFID wristbands can load with your chosen dollar amount.

Drink up with a Souvenir Cup

Souvenir Cups can be found at any admissions booth and at many food locations, and are also available as part of ticket packages online. On the first day, the unlimited refill band is included with the souvenir cup. Then, you can bring back the cup anytime during the season and you just have to buy the refill band for another day of non-stop refreshment. Souvenir Cups are $11-$14 depending on the park location. And refill bands are about $5 for each day.

Souvenir Cup, Splash Cash (Colors Vary), Snack Band, Meal Band, and Deluxe Meal Band

Souvenir Cup, Splash Cash (Colors Vary), Snack Band,
Meal Band, and Deluxe Meal Band

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels: 

Deluxe Meal Bands (available at New Braunfels ONLY**) are an extra wristband you purchase on the day of your visit to Schlitterbahn that are good to exchange for various food items inside Schlitterbahn. They are good only at food locations. When you use a meal band, they will exchange for specific items and do not have cash value once purchased (you are buying chicken strips, or a hot dog meal, for example.)  Meal Bands are the best option for large family groups or large groups of teens or older children who may be enjoying the park independently. Meal Bands are available at admissions booths.

  • Deluxe Meal Band: $12 > Any Combo Meal in the park, including fries as a side option. Main item and drink also included.

There are also meal band options available through our Group Sales program:

  • Meal Band: $10 > Chick Strips, Cheeseburger, or Hot Dog Meal with chips and a drink included.
  • Snack Band: $6 > Hot Dog, Churro, Pretzel, or a Novelty Ice Cream

Plus we offer Meal Band options for groups of 15 or more. Call for details.

So there you have it. An easy-to-use guide for getting food and stuff at Schlitterbahn!