Rio Aventura: the river system to change all waterpark experiences.

rio aventura river system


Rio Aventura is Jeff Henry’s brainchild, Transportainment, ensuring that guests never have to get out of the water to enjoy the waterpark. This concept was introduced in 2001 at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island and the concept won some of the industry’s highest innovation awards. And we haven’t stopped inventing.

Click Here for more information on Jeff Henry, the man behind the innovation.

Being the staple of the South Padre Island waterpark and the connector to the majority of rides, there’s tons of “Know before you go” and just fun facts. Here’s everything you need to know about Rio Aventura (and some fun trivia facts.)

1. The river is nearly 1/4 mile long connecting you to the majority of rides and offers several exit points.

aerial view of the waterpark

It goes on and on and on….

energizer bunner gif

2. In 2001 you could Kayak the Rio Aventura. #ThrowbackThursday

group of people kayaking the rio aventura

Needless to say it wasn’t the biggest hit so we 86 it. Can I get a woot woot… 

raise the roof

3. Back in the day you got to make decisions…

Shall I float in a purple tube?


Nah, I’m feeling pink…

people in pink tubes

Yeah, but I’m feeling green and want my own tube…

different colored tubes in beach access area

Or wait, what about yellow…Hold up is that a blue tube?

So many choices…


We feel ya’…So we just went ahead and went with the classic clear tube. #StressFree

4. Rio Aventura is all about “you doing you.” Do you just wanna kick it and float? Do you want to paddle quickly to get the rapids?



friends gif jumping up and down

6. There are two options for entering the river system: As soon as you walk in the park you’ll encounter a beach-esq scene, just hop in and go with the flow.


Or you can head over to The Tempest and water roller coaster your way into Rio Aventura. Dealers choice.


Either way you’re in.

jimmy fallon "Yes!"

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