If you’ve ever had the immense joy of stepping through the gates of Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, then I’m sure you’ve gazed upon the iconic slides coming down from the castle. If you didn’t know, those four slides happen to have a name. Downhill Racer to be specific. So, now that you’re here, let me give you the inside scoop on the Downhill Racer.


Woman racing down waterslide


1.      First things first, what in the world is a downhill racer? The Downhill Racer is four dueling slides side-by-side that plunge from the top of the Castle Entrance. Riders slide down using a foam sled with handles and plunge head first down a thrilling 3 story drop, then end by sliding across the surface on the landing zone. The coolest thing about this ride is the starting point. Your ride actually begins atop the entrance to the park!


2.      Second thing first. Make the Racer your first choice. The Downhill Racer, in this blogger’s opinion, is the best ride to open up any day here at Schlitterbahn Waterparks, especially when starting your day on the classic side of the park. Why you ask? Downhill Racer is a quick ride and because of this, the line goes by fairly fast, leaving you with plenty time in the morning to squeeze more rides in before lunch! Downhill Racer also has an amazing fun-to-thrill ratio. Downhill Racer is packed with a high enough thrill to get your adrenaline pumping to the point that you’ll feel ready to conquer a dragon. Or Dragon’s Revenge if you don’t have a real-life dragon handy. Lastly, you’ll hit the perfect level of soaked to keep you chilled while you walk to another ride and wait in line, but not so drenched that you can’t eat a quick snack while you’re walking to your next attraction.


3.      Number three is a tip for the pros! If you come with a group, make a bet before sliding down. The slide has the word racer in it for a reason! You get to the top and there’s a little gate holding you back so it’s a fair start for all of you. Once the gate opens all’s fair in love and sliding! The best way to decide a winner is to choose a point in the end zone that will mark the winner. Another great way to decide a winner is by seeing who goes farther in the end zone!  My personal favorite bet is the loser buys Dippin’ Dots. It’s really a win-win situation if you think about it: you ride a great ride and then get ice cream in tiny dot form. What’s better than that?


Family racing down waterslide


4.      Lastly, here are some quick facts about Downhill Racer. This is a ride that qualifies as a red diamond ride which means it’s a high thrill attraction chalk full of big drops and high speed. Downhill Racer does have a height requirement, riders need to be 42’ or over to master the slide. The Downhill Racer is located right as you walk into our Main/Classic section of Schlitterbahn. You’ll take a left as you enter through the gift shop and then you’ll see the entrance to ride.



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