#MuralMonday: Celebrating 40 in a BIG Way

#MuralMonday: Celebrating 40 in a BIG Way

The mural we’re talking about this week is a giant, freestanding sculpture piece to celebrate Schlitterbahn’s 40th anniversary. I’m talking about the massive rainbow 40 placed beautifully in front of the iconic Schlitterbahn castle and Hillside Tube Chute. In today’s...

#MuralMonday: Gators Galore

#MuralMonday: Gators Galore

Today, we’re going to tell you about all the new and improved gators around Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. The bahn-tastic design team added a new, interactive mural featuring a massive green alligator over by Hillside in the Original Park. Also, our in-house artisans...

#MuralMonday: Float like a Butterfly

#MuralMonday: Float like a Butterfly

The next stop on the mural tour is the magnificent rainbow butterfly featured over The Lagoon at the original Schlitterbahn New Branfels park. This is the centerpiece of a trip-tic mural piece located near the Hillside and Soda Straw slides. Before the design team...

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“Lived here 33 years. Here’s the lowdown”

I've lived in New Braunfels for 33 years. Here is my take on Schlitterbahn. It's a fun place for families or singles. It is in two sections so if you get tired of one you can go to another via shuttle. Lots and lots of different rides ranging from just floating to wild ones. There are sections in both parks for young children with lounge chairs for moms and dads. This is my one big tip: go the first week in June or wait until late August. During the height of the season lines can be long and it's very hot here. Wear water shoes as you'll be doing the hot asphalt dance if you don't have any, bring sunblock, etc. They let coolers in so park somewhere where all family members can meet. It's been my experience that theft is minimal and for our family we have never had a problem. Hope this helps and have fun!

- Rebecca K., TripAdvisor August 2016, San Antonio, TX

March 1, 2017

Always fun!

Always fun! Get two day pass if you can afford it so you can come and go. The park cannot be done in one day just fyi.

Seth B. Google Review March 20, 2019

Great Place for Spring Break

Omgoodness gracious!!! I can say I loved this park a little more than we did  Katy....they have an indoor area and it was well warm enough for our little ones who came along. The wave pool lazy river thing was awesome!! We enjoyed that the most. But the heated pool for younger ones and the swim up bar was a great idea for families. I would definitely go here again. ? Thank you for having such a great place to go on Spring break!!

Michelle F. Google Review March 20, 2019